Chen Xiao has become a happy father after becoming obese Shi Xiaolong

Chen Xiao Shi Xiaolong fat

tengxunyule· 2017-03-31 18:00:00

Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "Eastern news" reported on March 31st, the mainland actor Chen Xiaohe married Michelle Chen awarded a "little star", in addition to take care of pregnant in the body of the wife, also did not forget to work hard to earn milk money, in order to show "that bloom on a perfect circle" dedicated it on the program, recently, but he was found when Dad suspected happy fat, thin face had become rounded, others point out that he hit the face Shi Xiaolong grow up, triggered discussions.

Chen Xiao recently invited on "happy camp" program, in order to play his shaved head not handsome, but highlight the three-dimensional facial features, recall the original program or a single youth, now it has become a child's father, praising the production unit, he is a good father, a good husband, for the son's love deep inside, simple but well intentioned. Although

shaved less handsome, but have you found Chen Xiao suspected a little fat, cheek bones had obvious, now when the father is swollen in a circle, was laughing deficit: "it seems that he is really very happy! "There are people who say he fat shaved head, Shi Xiaolong and some others like funny ridicule he now very cheek like dumplings, and his wife Michelle Chen more and more couples face.

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