3 women spend a total of 390 thousand dozen beauty needle poisoning mouth askew

Three face mouth woman

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" in Hangzhou yesterday, Ms. Zhu call the mayor's hotline 12345, said she and two friends early in the morning of March 8th 2 in Hangzhou Lai beauty hospital to do facial injections, spent a total of 39 Wan Yuyuan, after the face stiff, crooked mouth and speak enunciation unclear and other symptoms, including a friend because of weakness, heartbeat in the hospital.

three people spend 39 yuan to play beauty needle

yesterday morning, the reporter arrived at the Hangzhou city Xihu District Moganshan Road Hangzhou Lai beauty hospital.

Zhu sat in the corner, wearing a pair of sunglasses, cheeks bulge, apple muscle to the masseter muscle has been deformed, mouth is also a bit crooked. She said: "the 3 of us come together to fight beauty needles, another friend, because botulinum toxin poisoning has been hospitalized. "

Ms. Zhu friend Ms. Lu said, they will come to my Lai is because it has been hospitalized friend Ms. Lu recommended. "She had been in Shenzhen Lai hospital for cosmetic injections, many years before we feel reliable, together. "

" at that time, it was my turn to have a friend at 8 am on the morning of two or three, and would like to come again during the day. But the president of the hospital, Jiang Zhengzheng, said, 'it doesn't matter. I'm fine.'. In the end, Ms. Zhu three until the end of the operation at 6 in the morning. Let them question is that the injection of beauty needles when they were general anesthesia, and in the course of the effective anesthetic recommended other products. "Jiang Zhengzheng said that I had a hole in my forehead, I didn't have a big nose, I had a lot of experience, &hellip, …" they didn't know the price, they accepted the other products recommended by Jiang Zhengzheng.

, I spent 58 thousand yuan to buy a former team of hyaluronic acid, with Ms. Lu, a person of the 3, after surgery, I received a $120 thousand. Ms. Zhu said.

Ms. Lu took out the hospital issued a consumer evidence, said the document before surgery is more than 40 thousand yuan, but on the operating table and spent 110 thousand, Jiang Zhengzheng did not provide the price did not sign any contract. Take

plus landing woman, is down three people spent a total of more than 39 yuan.

prices can be found in the relevant departments to monitor

in the hospital, the reporter saw a young lady wearing a mask. She said in My Lai hospital last July, was only going to fill the hyaluronic acid in Chin and nose, the doctor during surgery is recommended to her other products. So she did in temples filled, to pay a total of more than 10 thousand yuan, but after the three places are running, the hospital has to have a good time for her reply.

in March this year, Ms. Yang had the phenomenon has not been solved, she went to the hospital, the hospital gave Ms. Yang from the thigh liposuction done full face filled. The results are now very high forehead, small nose on the big, a small temple.

for Ms. Yang postoperative problems, the hospital customer service manager Wang Xuan said, after the recovery period of 3 to 6 months, Ms. Yang is to do surgery in March 11th, but also need to restore a period of time.

several ladies want the hospital to submit specific medical records, Wang Xuan said that the medical aspects of the problem, he is not directly responsible for the people, not to respond. As for the price is not open, the reporter saw, in the hospital lobby did not post or suspension surgery and beauty products specific price list. In this regard, when a reporter asked whether the pre-sale will project the price of each product and inform consumers, Wang Xuan said he is responsible for customer service, if any party has any objection to the price, you can find the relevant departments of supervision.

to Ms. Lu hospitalization, Wang Xuan said he has been solely responsible for the relevant medical expenses.

hospitalized patients with botulinum toxin poisoning

at present, Ms. Lu in Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, Hangzhou. Yesterday, the reporter contacted the chief physician of Neurology, according to her, two weeks ago, when the woman has just been sent to the hospital, there is chest tightness, weakness, weakness, blurred vision symptoms.

if the botulinum toxin dose to achieve the purpose of face, facial weakness results only in the injected muscle, patients have systemic symptoms of weakness, we suspect that is caused by excess of botulinum toxin poisoning. The attending doctor said.

at present, Ms. Lu's symptoms have been eased, the limbs have been able to move freely, but the rise, chewing capacity is still weak, the need for further observation.

in addition, Ms. Zhu and Ms. Lu also in Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital to do the inspection, the reporter saw the laboratory report shows that botulinum toxin poisoning".

experts say 2000 units of botulinum toxin

there is danger for this incident, Zhejiang Province Medical Association of plastic surgery, branch chairman of the provincial people's Hospital orthopedic director Wu Sufan said: "the injection of hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin must be in medical institutions, by professional doctor for injection. "

" botulinum toxin poisoning serious patients with swallowing, chewing, language, breath, sputum and the rise of other difficulties, if symptoms continue to develop, will appear dyspnea, even died due to respiratory failure. The pain is that the patient's mind is fully awake. Wu Sufan said that 2000 units of botulinum toxin will be life-threatening.

he said, "in Zhejiang to engage in botulism

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