Villagers dig 500 meters cave village, such as Xanadu

Cave villagers Xingtai government

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" recently, there are users rebellion, in the gorge Hebei village Xingtai Chai Guan Xiang Village, the only road is a narrow tunnel, through the tunnel, inside the mountain scenery, pleasant scenery, is a reality version of "land of idyllic beauty". We visited the village in March 26th.

"Shanxi Taiyuan, Wuling fishing industry. The edge of the stream line, forget the distance. Suddenly a forest of peach blossoms, gaan hundreds of steps, no other trees, grass delicious, &hellip … "Fallen petals lie in profusion.; the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Tao as the" peach blossom spring, painted a picture, like the beautiful scenery of the "land of idyllic beauty scene, so many descendants" yearning, spread to today. We walked along a path to the mountains, some of which were next to the cliff, and the valley below was deep. The vehicle bumps all the way, and the path gets narrower. Along the way, the villagers told us that the village is located at the end of the alley.

" came to the village through the gorge, no wall road is definitely a great pity. This artificially cut tunnel is the only access to the outside world.

" because the Bigua road internal width height limit, only by pedestrians, motorcycles, tricycles, tractors or small cars, the car can not. Other large vehicles need to be parked in the parking lot of the reservoir monitoring station.

of the tunnel is not closed, each tens of meters away will have a "window" and communicated with the outside through the small window, can see the outside of the reservoir tunnel, green water, several white birds swim, happy and pleased with oneself.

this wall hanging Road, the hole is about 500 meters long, is the only channel to the outside world ditch village. Through the Bigua Road, rock steep, winding, flickering, and some neat flat wall, some uneven shapes. In 80s

" last century, because of Xia Gou gorge reservoir, village is enclosed in no way out in the mountains, the local people can only be opened up the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs on artificial Bigua road. The reservoir rocks on both sides of Linlin, is full of hardships of the road the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, and not for the Xia village villagers point a praise.

stopped the car to stand in the viewing mouth, the opposite is the towering lofty cliffs, now green gorge ditch water, the breeze sent bursts of fresh, can not help but sigh, no better than this scenery.

" through the tunnels, eyes open, surrounded by mountains, layer upon layer of peaks and knolls. And then walk about three thousand meters, at the end of the road there is a small stone house, the peach blossom in the village is bright, the hen leisurely foraging, puppy lying on the door, the whole village quiet, few people.

" the village buildings are local, is worthy of the name of the stone village. All the houses are composed of red sandstone. From afar, resembles the Danxia landform. The mountains of

" under the tree laoke. The village has a large interior space, with a total area of 12 square kilometers.

" the old man said, Xia Gou Cun is the local minimum natural village, picturesque scenery, has more than and 300 years of history, most of the villagers in corn, backyard chickens and goats, dependent on the weather, everything is self-sufficient, really have a "sunrise and sunset but the rest of life. Xia Gou Cun

" was kept for a long time in the picturesque scenery, no one knows. Tired of the city's fast-paced life, the "sunrise, sunset" life is full of envy.

" is good, and the villagers said: "the outside world is wonderful, don't want to? "Back to say:" no one can think of, the city is good, how come? There is no good or bad in life. "And asked:" so poor? "The villagers hand draw mountains, smiled and said:" the poor? The up and down the slope, piedmont mountain lush forest, is also rich, you can have? "All speechless.

villagers Zhou Jinsheng 82 years old this year, is the village of accounting. The old man said that the tunnel has been dug for more than 30 years. Before the tunnel was dug, the only way for the villagers to get in touch with the outside world was to climb over the mountain at the entrance to the village. At least two
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