Liu Shiyu really heavy, crack "Wuhu gun"

Punch knight P2P rose

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34.7 billion

according to WeChat! Public number Knight island "31 days of reports, the evening of March 30th, the Commission on the Toronto Stock chairman fresh words out of the history of the biggest ticket, fresh words were banned for life into the stock market of the. Fresh words have been director of the horse staged a China's first Internet financial listed companies drama, but also because of the processing of the 1001 wonderful science and technology movement and notorious. Today, this wanton trampling on the rules of the market predators planted. Rumors, fresh words have lost contact.

34.7 billion yuan huge fines, the release of what signal? In March 31st, "people's Daily" authoritative interpretation: the top grid penalty of capital "rogue" reflects the regulatory determination and courage!

tremble, capital gangster Liu Shiyu, really. Where is the most powerful arrow?


who shares will zhuang. This is the A-share market has been popular for many years, A, but can not be confirmed as a phantom. Zuozhuang, both the controller of listed company, there are institutions, or hot money and cattle, all have their crooked ways doings his secret. This time, with fresh words and the Commission to the investors a good lesson, the makers of past rather mysterious "Wuhu gun" apart again.

"five gun" what moves?

the first one: centralized funds, continuous trading stocks; second strokes, the advantages of the use of information control information disclosure rhythm and content manipulation; third, trading in their control of the account, commonly known as the "knock on" buy from sell; fourth strokes, false declaration, illusion; a last resort, do not deceive, according to the provisions of the report and announcement of its holdings information.

look, these tricks are very powerful, but, frankly, few words of Toronto stock manipulation routines, can be said to be the villain's design is obvious. Let's play a story. According to the "Chinese Economic Weekly" reported that in 2012, while the dispersion of Toronto stock ownership structure of the machine, fresh made at low cost in the Toronto stock, then began its journey to the climax of Zuozhuang, is to transition to the Toronto stock, the Internet financial company, and renamed the convex horse horse.

"and" horse horse convex "P2P" homophonic, Toronto shares have called the domain name of 1 billion yuan valuation. Under investigation, Toronto shares admitted this transformation without a formal business, no staff, no feasibility, even the change of business scope has yet to get the business department for approval, only in the design. It is a sigh of emotion, by this wonderful name changed, the horse won the two horse chase market sought after, the stock rose, so that a ruthless word earned a. At that time, I do not know whether the private language is not a few money in the side, while laughing and said the fool really.

God wants to destroy it, first make it crazy. Ease in the capital market of fresh words, though repeated punishment, but did not stop, but more and more subject to the rules without. In January 3rd this year, in the fresh words under the control of the 1001 motion, Hui ball technology submitted to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, was leaked in an abnormal manner, which should include on the company firmly support the leadership of the Communist Party of motion "," insists on the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands belong to People's Republic of China on the case of "fantastic motion, caused a public outcry. A direct challenge to the regulators of the bottom line.

and arrogant as fresh words not just this one. At the beginning of March, the Commission has informed the illegal cases of cattle scattered Tang Hanbo manipulated the 6 listed companies, Tang Hanbo on the top grid penalties for 1 billion 200 million yuan. The end of March, the pixel force shares high turn this seemingly decent decent play, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has also been bursts of 7 inquiry letter questioned. In the show "fresh words" all kinds of stock price manipulation and harvesting leek routine, regulators ignored take like a passing wind.

strict control

over time, we will see the Commission announced influential cases, including flicker restructuring, flicker merger, caught a small case. In February 26th, Liu Shiyu revealed at a news conference at the state council.

these years, merger and acquisition of a wave of strikes, VR, broadcast, film and television, Mobile Games virtual realms are many shares of be in full swing, some soaring, some sitting on the roller coaster. However, the reorganization of these areas has been significantly tightened, such as the acquisition of a number of storm group is not considered reliable regulators were rejected, swallow Zhao Wei intends to acquire ten thousand cultural behavior is also the final abortion. Many cases clearly show: regulators limit the reorganization of the virtual field, one of the purposes is to drive into the real economy.

restructuring policy tightening another major goal is to always be stir fried "shell resources" heat cooling. In the A shares, an empty shell is often worth 20, $3 billion, once the backdoor restructuring, backdoor party can be returned to the body. In 2012, the GEM listed first stock fraud Edmond branch after the incident, Xiang Hui into the Department, after more than 3 years, Edmond branch only an empty shell, but the successful transition to Lenovo holdings worth group. Less than 4 years, Hunan Hui Department of a shell earned $900 million.

of course, these do not seem to be referred to Liu Shiyu fudge restructuring big case.

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