Tianjin regulation again fill knife: recognize the room and recognize the loan two suites down payment ratio of not less than 60%

Down payment regulation Tianjin two suite

diyicaijing· 2017-04-01 09:46:26

3 31, the Tianjin banking regulatory bureau and the people's Bank of China Tianjin branch jointly issued on the improvement of differentiated housing credit policy notice. The "Circular" pointed out that, in the city of Tianjin has a housing or in the city without housing but the purchase loans (including housing provident fund loans) households, for commercial individual housing loans for the implementation of the two suite of credit policy, Shoufu ratio adjusted to not less than 60%. This means that Tianjin will implement the recognition of housing and credit recognition".

in addition, the "notice" also pointed out that in the city of Tianjin housing and non housing loan records (including housing provident fund loans) households, for commercial housing loans to individuals to purchase housing, the minimum down payment ratio of 30%; commercial individual housing loan interest rates by pricing interest rate Tianjin market self-discipline mechanism in consultation based on the unified national credit policy bottom line; to suspend payment of the loan period of 25 years (including 25 years) above commercial housing loans to individuals.

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