From the end of Lotte depth: the Andouble family friend surnamed Han day?


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decided to deploy "Sade", in the face of China people to resist the tide of spontaneous, unexpected Lotte Group began to mend".

3 month 24 days to play yesterday, less than a week, Lotte continuous moves:


"I love Chinese. "

" China is the ancestral home.

South Korea Lotte Group President Xin Dongbin in March 24th to accept the United States, "Wall Street journal" interview issued such a voice.


3 24 July, Seoul Myungdong Lotte Department store and 7-ELEVEN store, and Lotte Jamsil store district, with Chinese writing "because of understanding, so wait" advertisements everywhere.

from 30 onwards, is said to be the largest group in the history of the history of the history of discount promotions! South Korean media

layout shows the generous Lotte discount advertising. "Central Daily" even Lotte discount, on the front page headlines!

" - is not the third piece: "foreign brand"

30, Korea "Central Daily" reported that the South Korean ambassador Kim Jang soo has confirmed on 29 China sent the request letter to Lotte Mart to restore business.

letter is sent Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of public security.

Yonhap also issued a press release at around 30 pm on the afternoon of 5, said the South Korean parliament passed a resolution calling on the Chinese government to stop the anti German measures into the South Korea.

public opinion generally believes that this is the South Korean government is to transfer the deployment of land thad "injured" Lotte "in nature".

but in the opposite direction, "Sade" deployment of why the final choice of Lotte?

in Japan to start selling bubble sugar Lotte is how quickly developed into the South Korean fifth chaebol? How much more can there be between

Lotte and the South Korean government?

[Andouble] friend bubblegum started

Lotte first by overseas travel Japan and South Korea, the 95 year old founder Xin Gehao do bubble gum in Japan started relying on the rapid development and expansion of the Japanese political relations and.

Shin kyuk ho trip to Japan in 1941 1948 founded Japan lotte. Light in 1952 and Japan at the beginning of a female child (aged 89) married with Xindong main eldest son (63 years old), the second son of Xin Dongbin (62 years old).

no wonder Koreans complain, Lotte family is Japanese, Lotte is the Japanese company.

but after that, Xin Gehao was in 1940 and the (late) in the South Korean marriage, the eldest daughter of Xin Yingzi (74 years old) in.

1965 years of diplomatic normalization between South Korea and Japan, South Korea Lotte Shin kyuk Ho was founded in 1967. In 70s

century, Xin Gehao and South Korean actor Miss, Lotte Meijing Xu (57 years old) met two people, the age difference of nearly 40 years, no registration of marriage, in fact become husband and wife, gave birth to daughter Xin Youmei (33 years old).

" "perview_img_p" uphold the shuttle business strategy, from Japan and South Korea between the.

Lotte family and the current Prime Minister of Japan Abe Shinzo family relations close to , is not a secret.

Abe Shinzo's father Andouble Shintaro and shin kyuk Ho, Andouble's grandfather, Kishi Nobusuke, deep friendship early; the second son of Xin Dongbin and Andouble's age, who know each other well, Andouble has repeatedly met alone Xin Dongbin on business; Xin Dongbin's wife, daughter-in-law, is full of Japanese people.

South Korean public opinion, why the government and the land deal is the Lotte? It is precisely because of its Japanese enterprises and the fuzzy identity of Korean enterprises.

so it is not difficult to understand, 95 year old Xin Gehao in March 20th when he was accused of illegal business and other charges in court when he was born out of Japanese: , who dare to judge me? "

finally forced him out of court by yelling and knocking at the judges.

" South Korean military experts pointed out that "Sade" in Korea, South Korea will become the biggest victim, the real beneficiaries of Japan and the United states. X band radar

"Sade" in the fort with Japanese existing aegis destroyers and Patriot missiles are connected, and Japan and South Korea last year "raid" signed the "military intelligence protection agreement", to help defend japan.

[] and the government of those things against

"Sade" national action co executive chairman Pu Shimin told Xinhua that the court of last year Xin Dongbin's arrest warrant, Lotte said it agreed to the deployment of "Sade" and the government exchange.

Lotte Group has been suspected of bribery due to the issue of duty-free shops, but still in December last year, was selected as a new batch of duty-free shops in Seoul operators.

he said, Lotte Group with Park Geun hye government collusion, the government provides the deployment of "Sade" for actions "and" bribery "behavior

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