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wangyiyouxi· 2017-04-01 12:26:11

the last two days the first "StarCraft" for the news that the old game player excited, but Blizzard officially announced the election at this point in time is not accidental, because 19 years ago (March 31, 1998 to English Wiki date) is later popular in the world of the "StarCraft" (StarCraft) the first day of sale. Although it is not on the market first achieved great commercial success of the real-time strategy (RTS) game, but in excellent picture, perfect balance, the details of operation sense, fun multiplayer and other advantages in one of the "StarCraft" soon after the introduction of warlords, not only will the snow storm on the RTS the King's throne, and even become one of the founders of the huge gaming market now.

" in fact, Blizzard has been in the field of RTS was attempted with unique style, the two generation of "Warcraft" series of works both in theme and form with Westwood company's "command & Conquer" series of works are very different, successfully captured a group of loyal game player. When the mainstream RTS does not pay too much attention to the individual branches of the survival ability and damage, especially primary soldier Westwood system simply life as worthless, the competition is more master who can save a team called the "sea" in a shorter time in the army. The scene is very natural, very popular at that time, but the overall lack of change and depth.

" and "StarCraft" is used in a completely different way of thinking, the difference between the Terran, Zerg and Protoss race is not only three units and construction of different shapes, the length of each ability is so simple, but on behalf of the development of three big differences with the idea of operation. The basic structure of human beings and many similar traditional RTS, a main base made of "farmers", "farmers" building, building units, units where many of you are already familiar with the figure, such as Automatic Rifleman, firebats, powerful tanks etc..

control Zerg must take the main base as the core of development, including the "farmers", because of various forces, all units by the larvae hatch to the base and is the only source of larvae. Even more unique is the population of the house, all kinds of buildings are also biological. The unit is cheap and the construction speed is fast, but the individual strength is obviously weaker than the other two races, only then forms the cluster to be able to play the formidable power.

" star spirit from the exterior to the building gives a feeling tall on the call type unique construction method which can liberate many farmers population, protective cover structure plus blood the protoss unit has strong vitality, individual combat in the three race ability first, to post a lot of cool alien technology units and buildings by the favorite game player.

" three different racial characteristics, but in the overall strength of its perfect balance, perhaps in a certain stage will have obvious difference, but a a patch to ensure the game has not because balance problem has been widely questioned. Accustomed to the old RTS game player who soon found that "StarCraft" has completely different from the predecessors of the exquisite picture and profound content of strategic and tactical combat, more and more people begin to put in the mining and more details of the collocation of arms, when they are aware of the possibility of the game almost infinite, the whole industry is crazy. Disruptive effects of

"StarCraft" is not limited to the game player, game manufacturers, media within this circle, perfect for the war, and watching the video system with excellent balance and ultra high degree of concern, for the first time in a game to become a "Athletics" capital. From the beginning of the prototype to occupation League rise and grow, eventually bring the other project butterfly for the popular electronic athletics game, "Star" by virtue of its influence in the role can not be ignored.

" first generation "StarCraft" and later a piece of information "brood war" with the achievements of a RTS legend, in the 1998 to 2000 this time point is simply Black Crystal hanging rival technology, now has released a remake a lot of news, I do not know whether you can wake up when excited with memories.

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