HUAWEI last year, the average salary of nearly 600 thousand of the average overtime

HUAWEI overtime top salary

kanshangjie· 2017-04-01 14:46:57

3 31, the most watched Star Company - HUAWEI Klc Holdings Ltd, released 2016 annual report.

annual report shows that last year, HUAWEI achieved sales revenue of 521 billion 574 million yuan, an increase of 32%, net profit of $37 billion 52 million, an increase of 0.38%.

company confidential noted that 0.38% of the net profit growth, low growth in recent years, HUAWEI's performance record. Over the past three years, HUAWEI's net profit growth of more than 30%. In addition,

, found in HUAWEI confidential, still generous treatment of employees. According to the calculation, the average salary of 180 thousand HUAWEI employees last year, close to $600 thousand, compared with a substantial increase in 2015.

"out of apple, who speak a fine of $100"

HUAWEI released 2016 report shows that in the past year, sales revenue 521 billion 574 million yuan, an increase of 32%.

consumer business is a relatively large change in HUAWEI in 2016 a plate, the sector achieved sales revenue of 179 billion 808 million yuan, an increase of 43.6%.

, the consumer business in the chip, UI systems, dual cameras and other fields have achieved a key breakthrough. According to the annual report, HUAWEI smartphone shipments reached 139 million units last year, an increase of 29%, for the last 5 consecutive years of steady growth.

P9 series global shipments exceeded 10 million units, becoming the first shipments of HUAWEI exceeded ten million flagship product. HUAWEI said.

company confidential (ID:high3c) noted that HUAWEI voice community published in January this year, HUAWEI founder Ren Zhengfei, in the consumer BG annual meeting. In his speech, Ren Zhengfei elaborated his views on HUAWEI's consumer business.

"the consumer business has made great progress, and today you are doing better than we thought, but there is still much room for improvement". Ren Zhengfei said he would like to HUAWEI to learn from the excellent manufacturers".

Ren Zhengfei said, HUAWEI to the terminal business booked a small target, "within three years, the service level of catch up with apple, the profit rate of catch up with OPPO, VIVO, OPPO, VIVO" you off the bottom and put it on the low to prove our high, we actually also not high.

Ren Zhengfei requirements, destroy the Samsung, destroy the apple, like that, whether public or private, one can not speak, who will be fined 100 yuan once".

net profit of three years of rapid growth in the end of this year, HUAWEI

performance indicators, net profit has undergone a significant change.

2016, HUAWEI net profit of 37 billion 52 million yuan, an increase of $36 billion 910 million over the previous year, $0.38%. In 2013 to 2015, its net profit growth of 34.42%, respectively, 32.68%, 32.45%.

HUAWEI's earnings data

annual report, the company confidential not found on the net profit growth slowed HUAWEI explanation.

at the same time, HUAWEI sales gross margin also fell from 41.7% in 2015 to $40.3%. HUAWEI explained that the rapid growth of consumer business, accounting for an increase in revenue, the overall sales gross margin fell 1.4 percentage points.

addition, in 2016, HUAWEI's operating margin was 9.1%, down from 2015's 11.6% by 2.5%.

company confidential noted that in January this year, HUAWEI's CEO Xu Zhijun in the New Year message said, "HUAWEI's operation efficiency and improve cash flow, management fees and sales gross profit growth exceeded revenue growth, cash income ratio decreased".

Xu Zhijun prescription, "the business units to pursue profits, cash profits; to improve operation efficiency, reduce management cost management; long term inventory and long term debt, improve cash flow.

attaches great importance to R & D and investment, HUAWEI has not changed. 2016, HUAWEI R & D costs about $76 billion 391 million, compared with 59 billion 607 million yuan in 2015 increased by $28.2%.

HUAWEI chairman Sun Yafang said in a speech at the annual, HUAWEI will adhere to the "every year more than 10% of revenue into R & D, never because of short-term profits fluctuations or short-term financial goals, reduce investment in innovation, output and production capacity of the future sacrifice.

in terms of debt, HUAWEI 2016 total borrowings 44 billion 799 million yuan, an increase of $54.55% compared to $28 billion 986 million in 2015. Asset liability ratio, HUAWEI also rose 0.4 percentage points to 68.4%.

at the same time, by the end of 2016, HUAWEI cash and short-term investments totaling $145 billion 653 million, an increase of 16.3% compared to 2015. HUAWEI said that ample cash reserves and stable operating cash flow for the group to avoid liquidity risk and debt risk provides an important guarantee.

light to lie on the bed to count the money, may? "

in February this year," home "is not a HUAWEI million annual salary of employees said posts resigned after being exposed, there is a communications industry middle-aged man, was dismissed by the company will face unemployment, not in Shenzhen, second suites the loan. The company where the employee is presumed to be HUAWEI.

years ago, HUAWEI has repeatedly been named as the best employer of different recruitment agencies". After the above posted posted on HUAWEI's employee income and intensity of the topic, but also hot.

annual report released today, HUAWEI chairman Sun Yafang's speech, there is a section on her views on employee returns.

"we do not have any scarce resources to rely on, only through the long-term efforts of employees can continue to customers,

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