The scale of deputy national level director: no sword


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" a lot of people did not expect, March 28th in Hunan TV prime time exclusive Premiere of the "the name of the people", in such a rapid efforts to "red"! This is called by the media "Chinese top political drama" works, the launch of the first day only broadcast a set of ratings across the board all the top first, and second day of the second set of national network ratings as high as 2.3, CSM52 man 2.28 ratings. Not only is the first, but also broke the record high ratings. Proportional to this is that Internet is overwhelming young netizens praise. The drama director Eru again told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, said, "this drama can be said to be lost. "Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Yi

story set the biggest ever corruption scale there is no" silver bullet "

" the name of the people with a "let people see the" corruption "of power, the first major is a director of a Ministry of corruption several billion, vice mayor fled abroad. Amazing bold setting and performance, as well as tense atmosphere, compact rhythm of the drama, so that the audience does not appeal to the audience. And let the audience feel shocked, the anti-corruption officials scale is said to be "against the Deputy National level". Many viewers curious, as this group of the group disc and the first "responsible person", Eru is the "imperial sword". In this regard, Eru denied. "No sword, no one at the end. "

according to him, the anti-corruption rank up to" deputy national level ", is derived from the initial creation of the crew held all the discussion results," we found that corruption news efforts are so high, as the film and television works should also step up. "In order to play a blood back together for two years, Eru feeling" what was no reassurance. Now think of me is really very bold, I am a man, is to bet. You think, when the platform is not set, Zhou Meisen out of the three episode script, I bid, and the price is not cheap. However, I and Zhou Meisen is a friend of 20 years, his anti-corruption novel success rate is very high. I am based on 'Zhou Meisen' these three words, based on the show did not appear in the past 13 years, this type of anti-corruption drama, more than the anti-corruption efforts of China so fierce, but did not reflect the film and television drama. These three aspects, made the play.

play out, the largest ever scale. This review process must be thrilling? Did not expect Eru said, better than expected audit! Zhou Meisen's drama was 800, the review of the views of the 1000, but then with the current anti-corruption drama concept is not the same, the coordinates are not the same. Now is the national anti-corruption, anti-corruption, anti-corruption anti-corruption than with no predecessors, all over the world more violent. The determination of the party and the state. Now to a positive response, the daily news, the Commission website is killing the flies, is more splendid than TV drama. If the work of a TV series can not be more exciting than the reality, it is boring. "

big coffee gathered

please come to 40 play bone this to spend a lot of money, right?

impress the audience is not only a compact story, nearly 40 drama in the drama play drama became the name of the people and another big bright spot. Focus on the top one or two launch, played by Yong Hou Zhao Dehan will be a corrupt officials played fully and delightfully subtle psychological, netizens praised a lift eye eyebrow is a play. While Lu Yi played the Hou Liangping show and prosecutors awe-inspiring righteousness the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures of a new generation. And Fengyi Zhang, Wu Gang, and so on, a number of old play bone, such as the superb acting, but also let people see the blood boiling in the world of the people of the world, such as, Xu Yajun, and so on. So, please come to such a group of actors, certainly a lot of money, right? In this regard, Eru denied.

he said, "the whole drama for the 'meat', we all know this, so much money. When they come to play, tell them, according to the market price, then I will lose money, carry the responsibility. So I think, seeking truth from facts, reason, move. "Finally, Lu Yi came, Fengyi Zhang came to Wu Gang, … … so, the price? All discount. Eru said that Lu Yi's performance is only 1/2 of the market price. And the other actors to play even lower, "special thanks to them, for my trust, trust in this work. "

in the interview, a lot of actors said that the film is very big pressure, it is polite or true? Eru said: "of course it is true. Master gathered, ah. In our group, three people take out is a play, they often play "wine, drink a cup, you are good!" Or, 'how did you play? How can I not take it? " "Eru Wu Gang, for example, there is a drama, played out after the match actor said:" brother, I serve you, so I can not take you to play, too much! "

is interesting, it aired a few episodes, many netizens said, if anyone in it, this list is ranked first in Chen Daoming. Eru said that Chen Daoming did shoot several times when the class, he is very concerned about this matter. We are good friends。

broadcast channel

why choose Hunan TV instead of CCTV broadcast it? The name "

" people's temperament is correct, serious, rare extreme realism drama, but the drama

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