The country is not afraid to turn to Russia?

Putin Russia Navy Su Huoyi

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has gone through more than 30 years of research and development, India made brilliant LCA fighter is still not competent for combat missions. According to its military side believes that the glorious Mark II will solve many defects of the first generation of glorious fighter, but is expected to be the end of 2018 to start the test flight. The India government is to put pressure on the military, naval and air forces of the order requirements of domestic fighter but not easily won, in addition to the India air force could not have chosen sales order, the India Navy's attitude is simply don't want to buy it. In India, it seems that LCA carrier version of the fear, simply can not get the trust of the pilot.

" super king of the Indian Navy aircraft carrier fighter MIG 29K

as everyone knows India is still sit tight in the first chair and military power, military procurement channels have the advantage of both the richly endowed by nature, the United States and Europe and Russia's weapons and equipment, if India wants to buy basically can do hand. Overall, however, the largest proportion of India's armed forces in the Soviet Union equipment or equipment. In particular, the air force equipment, Su 30MKI and MIG 29 fighter aircraft as the main force in India. The navy has also for the super day king aircraft carrier (Russia, Russia, the aircraft carrier) aircraft equipped with 45 MIG 29K fighter aircraft.

is the Russian fighters really feel India customer service guarantee and psychosomatic exhaustion. India air force for the Soviet Union 30MKI fighter complaints from the receiving fighter has not been broken. India's navy has also recently complained that the MIG 29K carrier based fighter does not reach the standard hidden danger, has not been able to form an effective fighting force. Coupled with the Russian Kuznetsov aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean to combat the task of breaking a MIG 29K fighter aircraft, which makes the India Navy's concerns deepened. F-16 aircraft assembly workshop "img_box" class=

" Lockheed Martin all this forced India to the Navy and air force equipment procurement targets to the United States and europe. The United States is also rare to be willing to provide F16 fighter aircraft in India, and the output line to meet the requirements of the "India made" pointer. If the contract is signed, Lockheed Martin will be the iconic fighter production line from Texas to India. But for India, F16 fighter aircraft can only meet the needs of the air force, but can not take into account the Navy aircraft carrier gap.

France is currently lobbying further India, hoping to increase its procurement of wind gust fighter aircraft, which can include the absolute maturity of the wind M carrier based fighter. However, the price is too high and the wind of the French arrogance of the attitude of the negotiations have made the India military uncomfortable. So it is a good choice to introduce a catfish to stir up muddy water, which is also an effective stimulus to the traditional supply side of France and russia. This does not, the Nordic country Swedish Gripen was invited out, and prepared, ready to chase $10 billion worth of India's NAVAL SHIPBOARD fighter project. Analysts pointed out that India will choose Russia out of the law between the United States and Sweden, means that the military or naval and air force equipment to the West direction.

Sweden Brazil Navy tailored Gripen M fighters

known as 3++ generation Gripen compared to French Rafale and American F16 fighter in the performance did not lose, but also Gripen fighter Gripen M fighter (for the Brazil Navy light aircraft carrier) for the India Navy selection. The more optional direction, the greater the difficulty of choice, and then India belongs to the Department of @ female character selection syndrome. Now the most relaxed is Russia, because Sukhoi has won nearly 200 Su 30MKI fighter technology upgrades contract, these Soviet 30MKI will be upgraded to the level of the Soviet Union 35S cost $8 billion. There is the bottom of the high oil contract $8 billion, Russia two can sit on the sidelines and the Swedish allies to grab the cake game. And Putin hands and T50 and S400 two hard card, ready to come out with India.

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