Hero League SKT devil Faker interview: I made too many mistakes

League of heroes devil media interview little buddy

wangyiyouxi· 2017-04-01 16:12:00

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Faker: after winning the Rox, SKT once again laid the league's first high, after the game to accept the media interview. In March 29th

LCK in the spring of forty-second regular season match day, SKT team 2-1 victory, consolidate the League first position, although the ROX team is a tough opponent, but Faker and third First Bureau SKT team Bang two C double play a trend which cannot be halted, after the match was also named MVP. We usually think that winning the championship and winning MVP certainly makes us very proud and successful, but Faker 's answer surprised us.

" he said: "I am very pleased that we can reach the final, but I was not satisfied with his recent performance. "Of course, this does not mean that the Faker is not fully prepared, BP" in the stage we have considered the road will be the focus, I think the ROX team too much for the AD position of the game for us against Garr Cassio Per A, Renault is a very good hero . "Even if the

SKT team lost the second game, Faker is not so worried:" although due to losing the second game team atmosphere a bit, but I'm not so worried, because Blank players are in the best condition. "

for the third game of the MVP player Bang, he is not satisfied with their own play today," I have made a lot of mistakes, today is no exception, I have a lot to improve. "

although Bang hero Izawa Riel play very well, so he got the MVP, but he was not sure whether Ilze Muriel can carry game," EICH now is on the rise, so I don't have much confidence in izeh Gabriel can play very well, we just drag late. We are able to win because our squad is stronger in the latter stages.

finally, Bang did not forget to thank his little partner Wolf, Wolf do more than before the camera to see more, this is his role. With the League of heroes is the role of the game to play, I hope that Wolf can get more MVP points. "At the end of the interview, Faker thanked the fans for their support, and assured that the SKT team members will try to play well in the last game of the regular season and play well in the final of the third place.

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