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Guangdong housekeeping nanny door

chutiandoushibao· 2017-04-01 17:22:25

two child policy after the opening, the public on the nanny, part-time and other domestic service demand is gradually increasing, many disputes also appear. Last year we reported together with the housekeeping service refund difficult case, the victim Ms. Chen stored thousands of yuan to do a VIP membership card, but later found that the services are not the mind, on the way back a deposit is difficult, after a lapse of a year, what are the changes in domestic service industry? Ms. Chen's money and not come back? Look together. (from Guangdong: Taiwan today)

" in March 14th last year, Guangzhou Tianhe District residents Ms. Chen said rebellion in Guangzhou Fei domestic companies "stored 3800 yuan to do a VIP membership card, but after the service, Ms. Chen found the other hours were false. Even more outrageous is that the company's a male domestic workers in the door cleaning period, also asked Ms. Chen to recharge more than 700 yuan to help him to complete the performance of the company's assessment. (from Guangdong: Taiwan today)

Chan: "I also have 3100 yuan more than the card itself, I will not let him go, he didn't go. One would say to smoke a cigarette, and then said to go to the bathroom again, is not willing to go, just want me to give money. "(from: Guangdong Taiwan focus today)" id= "img_box

"after several rounds of negotiations, the domestic companies verbally agreed to return Ms. Chen card balance 70%. Ms Chan believes that domestic companies do not comply with the commitment to do membership cards, there is a suspicion of cheating consumers, so the home company filed a lawsuit. Ms Chan: after you interviewed the domestic companies, they gave me back a part of the money, and the other part of it does not give me back. There is no service also buckle my money, I was angry, angrily to the court. "(from: Guangdong Taiwan focus today)" id= "img_box

has experienced two times of trial, the court said there is not enough evidence to prove the existence of fraud involving domestic companies, but also requires domestic companies will refund the remaining money to Ms. chen. Ms Chan: he should be returned to court 550 yuan, after the verdict, he refused to give the company, refused to apply to the court for enforcement. "(from: Guangdong Taiwan focus today)" id= "img_box

"to prosecute the domestic company, Ms. Chen has spent a lot of time, including legal fees and other expenses 6000 yuan, has already exceeded the incident started when stored for domestic companies the 3800 yuan. Ms Chan said that the cost of rights is too high. Ms Chen: wow! That's a lot of energy. I'm not going to pull it off. After the attention of some, do not do prepaid cards, do once, if others do not, on a single payment. "(from: Guangdong Taiwan focus today)" id= "img_box

for domestic service personnel quality uneven situation, many respondents also have deep feeling, some people think that the relevant standards, the implementation is not in place is the main reason. Guangzhou citizens: if the service is not good, because it is only sometimes two times even if the. Guangzhou people: there is no standard, the management of various domestic companies do not have a standard. "The media have reported a number of domestic service personnel news, who steal things, even kill the old employer, is an extreme example, but also to the public in time please housekeeping service, a more vigilant, what our domestic industry there is no specific standards and norms? (from Guangdong: Taiwan today)

" in Guangzhou Tianhe District, a domestic company is nanny training, the company responsible person, with the release of the two child policy, their business volume of nearly a year increase of 30% candidates more and more people, in order to prevent the criminal record personnel mix, they are trying to use a face recognition device to check the identity of the candidates. Gao Jianzhao, head of the family services company: through our face recognition, identity cards and fingerprints to do a check, check the housekeeping staff in the past there is no case or other criminal record. "(from: Guangdong Taiwan focus today)" id= "img_box

"in Yuexiu District, a domestic company responsible person said, so many years to do down, leaving all trusted proficient housekeeping staff, although it is more and more strict requirements of their certificates however, some older, do not pay attention to certificates. Domestic companies responsible person: "as far as possible to ask them to mount guard, but now a very sad. "(from: Guangdong Taiwan today attention)

we learned that, as early as 8 years ago, Guangzhou, class=
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