Hong Kong media said Chinese is building large amphibious assault ships can serve as a kind of carrier form:

Amphibious assault ship aircraft carrier China form

tengxunjunshi· 2017-04-02 00:04:04

data figure: 071 type landing ship

Reference News Network reported on April 1st Hong Kong media quoted military sources reported that Chinese has begun construction of a new generation of large amphibious assault ship, it will play a more dominant role in the military to put China overseas hand.

Hongkong "South China Morning Post" website reported on 29 March, with Beijing on the South China Sea a firmer sound cable, and increase the tension between the two sides in the period of maritime patrol, navy ships will be strengthened. According to sources, a Shanghai shipbuilding company is now building 075 amphibious assault ship. According to

, the amphibious ship is much larger than the Chinese Navy built in the past.

Hong Kong media pointed out that the type 075 amphibious assault ship can act as a form of carrier. Military experts say it will allow the Chinese navy to send different types of helicopters to attack naval ships, enemy ground troops or submarines in the East China Sea and the South China sea.

reported that China's construction of such a large amphibious assault ship, it also gives the Navy a greater importance. The source said: "the construction of 075 ships will take two years. The first ship was launched in 2019 and was fully operational in 2020. "

" South China Morning Post "said, the media and the military sources said that the first local China made aircraft carrier 001A will be launched in April 23rd April 23rd is the 68 anniversary of the establishment of the PLA navy.

earlier this month "South China Morning Post" quoted military sources reported that the Navy plans to Chinese Marines scale from about 20 thousand to 100 thousand people, to help protect the interests of China in increasing overseas.

reported that the launch of the 001A aircraft carrier and amphibious assault ship 075 further evidence that the Marine Corps and Navy will play an increasingly important role in the PLA's operations.

"South China Morning Post" quoted the analysis in Macao military observers Huang Dong said, the construction of 075 large ship - its scale with the largest wasp class amphibious ship - will help Chinese navy to use helicopters with the United States par.

said: "China has so many large warships, including 4 types of amphibious ships and two aircraft carriers, but its vertical take-off and landing capacity is still limited, because it lacks the largest helicopter carrier. The launch of 075 ships will make the Chinese Navy the world's second largest Navy after the U.S. navy.

reported that 075 ships can deploy and accommodate up to 30 armed helicopters. Its flight deck allows 6 helicopters to take off at the same time. The ship can also deploy landing craft and troops and provide a venue for command and control operations. (compile / Zhu Jie)

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