Han Hong took 30 pounds of lean to the photographer who fire

Han Hong brother photographer red

wangyiyule· 2017-04-02 11:31:43

Han Hong photographed thin

entertainment recently reported a NetEase in April 1st on "every day" the photographer may have to fire, because of his excellent camera technology the Han Hongsheng was born into a long legs, photo looks than I lost thirty pounds.

the effect of contrast map, we look at the comparison chart, it is obvious that even long legs, Han Hong teacher one day to become the representative of big legs.

"every day" the photographer on the odd man who named Wang Yibo, is a photographer, he will demonstrate how important pictures, sister have a photograph and how important the male vote.

photographer Han Hong

look at this posture, no wonder that the teacher took out the effect of such a good Han Hong.

effect is good to disturb a small partner, after all, can take a big leg Han Hong teacher is exciting, who do not want to try it.

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