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Life expectancy life old appliances

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blink of an eye, 2017 Qingming small holiday has come. In the long river of history, man's life is short. In fact, not only people have life, home appliances also have their own life. In daily life, home appliances and everyone is inseparable. Wake up from the morning to the night before going to sleep with a home appliance. It can be said that home appliances are playing a role all the time. And many people have a lot of old home appliances, but I do not know, home appliances extended service, it will have a lot of security risks.

" extended service of home appliance products, used in the process of fire caused by accidents have occurred

" but for home appliances, this thought is wrong. Many of the use of household appliances for many years, in fact, not only from the appearance of some of the old, can not see the place is a lot of security risks. Household appliances after use for a long time, the internal line will appear aging, especially when the user the use of the home environment is not very good, such as high temperature baking, sunlight and humid environment, are likely to lead to the internal components and shorten the life of the line, as if things go on like this problem, hidden trouble. So, the normal life of household electrical appliances should be how much? Here is the answer for everyone.

appliance service life needs to pay attention to

as early as a few years ago, the national standardization management committee formulated the "home appliance service life safety rules", in the rules, for the safe use of life appliances to carry out the provisions of. In the regulations, whether it is like TV, air conditioners, refrigerators, such as large appliances, or as electric shavers, hair dryers, such as small appliances, the same have a useful life. general TV for 8-10 years, water heater for 8 years, air conditioning for 10 years. Other household electrical appliances, you can refer to the corresponding period in the form.

" of course, the above household appliances product life, is in the normal use of the environment in the recommended time. Many consumers do not pay attention to the use of household electrical appliances in the process, the lack of daily maintenance of household appliances, so over time, it will shorten the life of the product. So, what are the things that can ensure that the appliance can have a normal life, and not premature problems? Then we'll talk about it.

to ensure the normal service life of appliances, to develop good habits of

television, many users tend to think that when in use, press the power button on the remote control, is a normal shutdown. In fact, it is not, although the remote control with a power button, but only after the TV is in standby state, is not a real sense of shutdown. If at this time the power socket is still in the state of power, this time the TV is also in power, in standby, and did not completely shut down .

in this case, the correct approach is to cut off the power socket. for hard switching TV, it should turn off the hard switch. It is best to turn off the power switch or unplug the plug without a hard switch.

for small appliances, in fact, there are a lot of attention to the issue of id_imagebox_3. , for example, a lot of people often use soy milk machine products, many people are accustomed to use after the completion of the soybean milk machine immediately after cleaning up. In fact, this is not good. Although after the cleaning will dry the fuselage and the head, but there will still be a wet situation.

if this time the soymilk machine installed, the head will be in a wet environment, the internal components of the situation is likely to damp, causing security risks. Therefore, to extend the life of the appliance products, we should pay attention to the usual routine maintenance, the only way to make home appliances better service for us.

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