The Andouble administration allowed "imperial rescript on education teaching and further revival of militarism

Militarism Andouble cabinet teaching material

tengxunjunshi· 2017-04-02 16:43:32

data figure: Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo

Japanese media said the Andouble cabinet meeting decided to allow "in violation of the Constitution and the" Education Basic Law "in the form of" the "imperial rescript on education as the use of teaching materials. The Japanese parliament to damage the basic human rights, the Japan international credibility questioned "as an excuse to exclude" imperial rescript on education, rescript once disappeared. But in the second session of the Andouble administration, the cabinet must have "imperial rescript on education.

according to the Japanese "Asahi Shimbun" reported on April 1st, "imperial rescript on education in October 1890 Emperor Meiji promulgated, the main purpose is to admonish subjects for our lord. "Imperial rescript on education was the basic idea of education before and during the war.

reported that the "imperial rescript on education through the emperor centered view of the state. It was also pointed out that the "once or volunteer to help fenggong wing between the infinite emperor" this sentence, and dedicated to the emperor about militarism.

to the "constitution of Japan" published in 1946, Ministry of education minister proposed the "ultimatum from China's education only sources of the traditional way of thinking of the school", "imperial rescript on education in reading is also prohibited.

however, in Congress, many people think that only taking administrative measures is not enough. In June 1948, the house and Senate resolution by the cabinet, confirmed the abolition of "imperial rescript on education. "Imperial rescript on education from failure.

house excluded the resolution pointed out that "the reason still exists today" imperial rescript on education remains a national moral guidance principle nature of misunderstanding, because only the traditional administrative measures are not sufficient. "" imperial rescript on education based on the concept of "myth", obvious damage state of basic human rights in the world has also been questioned, so the Congress to determine the recovery of copy, complete elimination.

reported that in the first session of the Andouble administration, Ibuki Moomin had been in Congress Ministry of Science said: "the emperor's words as a basis for education policy, is not consistent with Japan's postwar political system. "However, during the second Andouble administration, the government's attitude changed.

in the April 2014 Senate Committee on science education, someone asked: "has nothing to do with the resolution can be ruled out," imperial rescript on education as the extracurricular books in the school or the effective utilization of this view? "

in this regard, Maekawa Kira then defense arts province elementary and secondary education secretary said:" "imperial rescript on education in general today also contains the content, focus on these points in the school to carry out effective use, also can be considered. "The Ministry of science of the village Bowen also argued:" as the use of teaching materials also never mind. "

Inada Tomomi said in defense in the March 9th Senate Foreign Relations Committee:" I think, "imperial rescript on education of filial piety, marital harmony, pay attention to friends, Japan should aspire to be respected by the whole world's way of thinking is the core of moral state. "

arts province career Learning Policy Bureau, stressed in the Constitution and the basic law" and "education," imperial rescript on education legal effect has disappeared. For example, can be envisaged as a historical fact introduced "imperial rescript on education etc.. However, there are also legal school "senyou academy" opened in the kindergarten children to recite the "imperial rescript on education case.

reported that some people worry that in the cabinet meeting of the "approval", "imperial rescript on education in close by pre war and war in the context.

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