Zhao Wei, don't you run! You've shrunk the company's market value by 6 billion 400 million

Zhao Wei market value listed companies continued

36ke· 2017-04-02 17:52:44

today is April Fool's day, and Zhao Wei was yesterday and investors opened a big joke, really abandoned shell! The thought that Zhao Wei will face huge compensation for breach of contract, but the result is not illegal.

Zhao Wei from the success of the acquisition of thousands of culture in the whole body, not only do not have to pay the so-called breach of contract, and even the 250 million yuan deposit has been delivered without a penny to get back.

made a hubbub of Zhao Wei acquisition of thousands of culture, and finally drew a full stop. But this news is undoubtedly the last glimmer of hope to break the hearts of investors in the hope that they become the capital game victim, and Zhao Wei is superior to the winner.

" two times "molested" investors

back to this "farce" in the beginning of the perview_img_p! By the end of

2016, Zhao Wei announced to spend $3 billion acquisition of ten thousand culture. By this good news, the vanguard of the stock price began to rise. This is also the beginning of the "flirt investors" drama prelude.

2016 December 26th, Zhao Wei dragon and vanguard culture media Wei formally signed the "share transfer agreement", it has injected a booster to investors, stimulate their desire to buy instant. By the beginning of this year, the price of 10000 culture is like speeding up the ride on the roller coaster, after word limit, it was once soared to 25 yuan, which also hit a new high of 10000 shares.

situation is very good, retail investors are excited, as if the distance took a step closer to the peak of life, but let them unexpected is, rich dream will soon burst.

Zhao Wei secretly secretly in the back of the stock market! February 13th, the two sides have signed the share transfer agreement made adjustments, the transfer of shares from 185 million shares reduced to 32 million shares. The holdings, 10000 shares plunged directly lead to culture.

but the nightmare has just begun, Zhao Wei's interest has not diminished, the capital game continues. Soon after, there was news that the media did not follow the Dragon contract completion of the acquisition plan, on the Zhao Wei abandoned shell rumors also will be rampant. This time, the share price of 10000 culture like sitting on the jumping machine, straight down. To 31 close, the vanguard of the stock price has fallen to $13.8.

at this time, retail investors realized that he had become Zhao Wei's playing object, time and time again mercilessly molested".

" class= retail investors brutally cut leek "

why is it always hurt investors in?

when the stock market investors dream suddenly look back, only to see Zhao Wei and leave the back, they hated, but incapable of action.

Zhao Wei successfully by virtue of their star effect and strong capital captured the hearts of investors, so that they are willing to bow down in its female version of the title of Buffett. A large number of investors expect thousands of heavily loaded culture, "swallow" can lead the listed companies in the field of culture to become a "bull".

in the end, however, all good expectations have become helpless despair. Retail investors suffered heavy losses, they see the stock market dark and brutal, even so, there is no escape.

also battered and 10000 culture, after a toss about this, in addition to accept the Commission's investigation, but also to endure the pain of "flesh", compared to December last year, tens of thousands of cultural assets have shrunk 6 billion 400 million yuan.

high-yield is always accompanied by high risk, rich dream is far more fragile than the bubble!

" use financial leverage "white"

in the capital market, Zhao Wei has been a story of female students.

when investors heartache, tears, Zhao Wei may be complacent". Because she is not only the body back, there may be a lot of income.

Zhao Wei at first is to rely on 60 million funds to move a big deal in a pile of the outside world, the "empty handed white wolf," the question of the. In desperation, Zhao Wei will give up this means to make money. But Zhao Wei after all in the capital market for so many years, how would not give yourself the trick.

is different from passive beaten retail investors, Zhao Wei has been holding the initiative. Zhao Wei in the vanguard of cultural restructuring is likely to layout a lot of chips, with a very low price to absorb a large number of ten thousand cultural stocks from the two market.

one of the parties to the reorganization of the media in the hands of the actual control of the media in the hands of Zhao Wei, then the overall layout of the reorganization and time points, Zhao Wei are very clear. Prior to the announcement of the transaction, Zhao Wei should be able to absorb the stock at a high price in time to sell, Zhao Wei will not be silly to officially announced after the transaction is still holding tens of thousands of shares of cultural stocks.

" when a piece of some retail investors, Zhao Wei may have earned a bowl full of pots surplus. But don't forget, a means of playing capital equivalent to playing with fire, The wages of sin is death. March 30th, the chairman of the board of directors of the board of directors of the stock opened the biggest ticket in the history, not
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