Data show: Chinese immigrants to give up the number of permanent residents of Canada surge

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laochahualiuxue· 2017-04-02 18:03:33

hearing ticking network according to the Canadian Immigration Department data show that over the past two years, about twenty thousand people to give up permanent resident status in Canada, the Chinese most, and most of Chinese citizens; followed by India and South korea.

, the Canadian Federal Department of immigration began in the end of 2014 the implementation of the new system is simplified to voluntarily give up the right of permanent residence in Canada procedures, and provide the application form on the Internet, to give up the status of permanent residents and convenient than before. Statistical data shows, since this period of two years to the end of 2016, a total of 5407 China citizens to give up the right of permanent residence in Canada, followed by a total of 2431 Indians, South Korea a total of 1681 people, a total of 1129 Taiwanese people. Many people in the report after landing five years, the need to update the maple leaf card when deciding to cancel.

eighty percent automatically waive the application for permanent residency, usually within 14 days to complete the process. That is, 2 weeks after the application, you can remove the identity of permanent residents of canada. Chinese citizens who wish to give up their permanent resident status in Canada may apply to the Canadian immigration visa office in Beijing or Shanghai.

Canada, the Department of immigration said, usually those Maple Leaf card has expired and can not be replaced, and the past 5 years and has not lived in Canada for more than 2 years of permanent residents, will submit such applications. Immigration Consultants said that China citizens every year in the past lost the status of permanent residents of about 1000 people, they were full time, maple leaf card confiscated and did not appeal not live disqualified, but now two years have more than 5 thousand people lost their permanent resident status, digital really amazing. It is postulated that

causes abandoner increase, there may be Chinese within the government over the past few years, the strict requirements, do not allow the civil service and state-owned enterprises management has the nationality of other countries, and even is not allowed to have permanent resident identity in other countries, caused by the tide up. Some experts, this phenomenon is related to the Chinese or Canada citizen 10 years issued a tourist visa, want to often come together with his wife and children China businessman, as long as the visa is sufficient for easy access, they can also be a consideration.

senior lawyer William Lin also believes that "I found a lot of family, wife and children after they settled here, the husband also don't want to make the residents here, as a resident of the world's income should be reported, so they let his wife and children live in the wrap, they continue to make money in other places, not need to return. "Indeed as a permanent resident of Canada, they need to live in Canada for a certain period of time, to the Inland Revenue Department to declare overseas property and tax. If naturalization, you must give up Chinese nationality, all sorts of inconvenience, but rather to let his wife and children live in Canada, give up their own Maple Leaf card, with a ten year visa to come and go to the convenience.

if you have to give up permanent residency after the application can be filed? Immigration advisers said that now automatically abandon permanent resident status of Chinese citizens, if the situation in the future and want to emigrate to Canada, it is still possible to apply for immigration. If they want to apply for immigration after retirement, has become a Canadian citizen's wife and children can also guarantee them.

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