The old man and the tomb of a family of ten generations to keep the tomb

Ten dynasties old man tomb family

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then, what kind of group is the grave keeper? When did they come from? It is understood that since the Han Dynasty tomb figures found in the literature, "recorded in the Han Dynasty", has been 2000 years of history, which is a special occupation groups and become an indispensable part of the ancient custom of the Qingming festival.

a hut, a small courtyard, a stone, a grave keeper of Bai Qingrong's life, not far in the house where buried a prince of the Qing Dynasty, Bai Qingrong's family in the tomb of the tenth generation descendants.

Bai Qingrong went to bed early, picked up the broom to clean around the tombstone, greet Qingming came to visit your old friends.

Bai Qingrong in the village is a celebrity, casually asking passers where is his home, will be enthusiastic guide: primary school side, the yard has a stone that is.

" to see a visitor, Bai Qingrong walked out of the house, the 66 year old his dark skin, wearing a dress and not ordinary farmers two.

Bai Qingrong's home is actually only more than and 10 square meters, is a brick structure of the small house. Behind the house is an area of about one hundred square meters in the small courtyard, Wang's tombstone stands in the yard, high tombstone even higher than Bai Qingrong's house.

simply reported to the house, the bad words of the tomb of the people opened the box in.

"200 years ago, the emperor Yong Zheng's niece and princess married the soft side of Mongolia Wangyeh, after the death of the princess was buried here," said Bai Qingrong, the original their surname white, surnamed Bao … … because the ancestors make up, in the Qianlong period from Inner Mongolia Kerqinzuoyihouqi sent here to keep the tomb.

Bai Qingrong explained his family moved to the history, "to my generation, is the tenth generation of the generation of", "id_imagebox_9". "

is historical records, the white family is in 1761 for the Yong Zheng emperor's niece Princess Yi and the soft side of Mongolian nobles tomb.

mausoleum built here, Bai Qingrong's ancestors began to specialize in his grave. "Let's make up though was exiled to the tomb, but also aristocratic! Bai Qingrong said, we and Gen Gi Khan are a surname.

Bai Qingrong, his ancestor was a steward of Mongolia Wang's house, because mistakes were banished to here to keep the tomb, originally due to go back, but feel good job to keep the tomb ancestors, unruly life comfortable, determined not to go back. Wang is not happy, it is the ancestors of generations here to keep the tomb.

family has inherited the "mausoleum in crash" in, Ling zuxun. He said his age is not small, his wife has died, there is a daughter.

according to Bai Qingrong, his family has a house in the village, has been living in that house. Later, the village of the old man and he said, his family is the tomb of the generations, or should go back to the grave. Coupled with the king's tomb has been listed as a cultural relic protection units, the County Bureau of cultural relics and leadership also came to him, let him go back to keep the tomb while the narrator.

1993, the local cultural relics management department leaders to find the white Qing Rong, for him in the cemetery built beside a small room for nursing, the two sides signed a "contract Shou Ling".

Bai Qingrong's daughter, now married in Inner Mongolia. For who will replace the grave keeper, Bai Qingrong said, my body consisted of grave men, but there has been a cultural relics protection area, the relevant departments will solve.

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The old man and the tomb of a family of ten generations to keep the tomb

The old man and the tomb of a family of ten generations to keep the tomb

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