Female students listen to 200 thousand men cheated 20 thousand nurturing

College students daughter male students

anhuiwang· 2016-05-03 23:44:03

< p > a man both when the "matchmaker", and when "upstarts", said 20 million yuan nurturing victims of female college students. The results female students cheated go 2 million yuan. Today, Shushan Hefei District Procuratorate on suspicion of fraud suspects arrested for the arrest of the suspect Lin.

2016 in February 27,, Lin the female identity register "Mo Mo" chat software, and enrolled in a university victim Xiaojuan (a pseudonym) as a friend, and claiming to be called Wu Rongrong, lied to help youngster is a good boyfriend. Soon, Lin to Wu Rongrong identity deliberately lied to her, said a boy in Hefei to do the works well, age 35 years old. At that time, Xiaojuan said he was willing to interact with this man. Lin was actually posing as a man to do this project, his phone number and chat software account to Xiaojuan, Xiaojuan also put her cell phone number to Lin. < p > day, Lin phoned Xiaojuan, said he was introduced by Wu Rongrong and lied about her name is Wang Lei, willing to with the youngster to talk to friends about youngster out again. Xiaojuan said something can not go in the morning, the last two people about to meet in a hotel. At noon the same day more than 12, Lin a person came to the hotel, to the Xiaojuan in advance a good room, two people talk about a long time. Lin was trying to cheat her a little money to spend, lied about her is to do the project in Hefei, and said they were willing to give her 2 million yuan and nurturing youngster. See Xiaojuan a little heart, Lin said to let Xiaojuan first paid me 20 thousand yuan. Xiaojuan was surprised, asked why. Lin lied to her, said, before I was a woman cheated 1 million, and now I do not dare to believe other people, to 20 thousand yuan is to test you are not lying to me, after the money, it will be 200 thousand yuan to you". Xiaojuan repeatedly transferred through the network for gospel truth, Lin money totaling 20 thousand yuan. Lin get the money after the beginning of the beginning of her not how to pay attention to her, and Xiaojuan began to send text messages to call, Lin also reply to her. Later simply Xiaojuan chat software account to join the blacklist.

according to the investigation, Lin in 2007 was sentenced to 3 years in prison by the Tongling Municipal People's court sentenced to 6 months. Today, on suspicion of fraud, Lin was Shushan Hefei District Procuratorate approved the arrest.

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