Miriam Yeung talks about Shawn Yue: his character is hard to dig!

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tanzi· 2017-04-03 07:55:43

Shawn Yue

entertainment NetEase in April 3 reported according to Taiwan media reports, Shawn Yue performed a "ignorance" finalists this year, the Hongkong Film Awards for Best Actor Award, acting by the predecessors certainly. Nick Cheung, Kara Hui and other famous stars, many Hongkong Directors recommended platform, praising the theme depth, intensity and amazing actor play acting, role emotion is impeccable. The show with Shawn Yue "puff" series of screen girlfriend Miriam Yeung said: "I did not expect a can be so close to such a difficult role! "

" a "with 2 million Hong Kong dollars (about 1 million 770 thousand yuan) produced excellent texture moving warm family film, mouth overflowing, Shawn Yue's screen girlfriend Miriam Yeung thumbs up," I think he mastered the film actor filled with explosive emotions, in fact, his personality is not so easy to let others mining but no one out, "Ming" is to let the audience see the real Shawn Yue. "

Nick Cheung praised:" themes and characters very close to our daily life, it is likely to occur in the US or relatives around his story quite set people thinking. "Actress Kara Hui Shawn Yue and Eric Tsang Jin Yanling, for describing feelings and deep affection," I don't feel like watching a movie, but experienced a family affection. "She said that watching" an unknown "will be very worried, because it is actually a very hot movie, because there is a deep love to support your loved ones around you. Big stars have been linked to guarantee.

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