Fans spend five thousand yuan to buy cattle ticket Joey Yung: do not buy!

Joey Yung cattle fans Joyce Cheng

wangyiyule· 2017-04-03 07:55:49

Joey Yung will love her on the stage of tulip flowers out of charity NetEase

entertainment in April 3 reported according to Hongkong media reports, Joey Yung "My secret live" last night in the seventh field, to join in this week's circle of friends in a continuous line, including Hacken Lee, Wyman Wong, Wong Cho Lam, Ivana Wong, Joyce Cheng, Alfred Hui, Lan Yibang, Zhou Guoxian etc.. Without it, more than and 10 concerts, Joey Yung has been singing for nearly half of last night, seventh enthusiastic response to stop Joey Yung, her four times, she published online self, this month to five, added a special field for Joey Yung's charity fundraising, after the proceeds will be allocated, Joey Yung donated to charity fund.

last night Joey Yung sing more happy every night, originally a song the audience singing songs, often because the audience response, sing a song, a record of her four times.

exposes the audience five thousand yuan to buy scalped tickets every day with the

conference record links, prior to admission can be outside the designated locations in the they want Joey Yung sing their own love songs, this part draw by Joey Yung himself, then an encore song last night, Joey Yung told us: "you than I am a good, if this reason I think it is reasonable, I love, I'll sing! "The audience kept shouting," hello! Love you dead! "And so on, but in the end Joey Yung said with a smile:" I know I am beautiful, this is not a reason for it, I do not like it will not enter the bar, ha ha ha, do not accept the goods. "Finally, the first line of a female audience suddenly shouted:" I vote in the Yellow cattle! That ticket five thousand pieces, beg you to sing many songs. "Joey Yung heard after surprised from ear to ear," ah? 5000 yuan! Ah? You can go to Tokyo, you do so silly! The audience said: "no way, love you. "The Joey Yung this song again immediately," Oh, what do I have to sing a song for you, next time don't matter, so you don't buy it! "

song links, in addition, many fans hope Joey Yung can sing" fly "next time, then large male fans shouting together inside the aircraft aircraft" in the audience and Joey Yung laughed, then Joey Yung said, "the boy told them, ha ha ha..."...

tulip bouquet bazaar

Joey Yung last night in the online self published in April 5th, additional a "special field" for Joey Yung's charity fundraising, after the proceeds will be donated to charity, Joey Yung fund, Joey Yung will love her on the stage of tulip flowers out to do good, from the beginning of the five nights, on the sidelines will have tulip bouquet bazaar, Joey Yung said: "out of my garden! If you like, together a total of charity, to buy home as a souvenir. "

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