Korean media: Korean government on China's anti Sade measures to appeal to the WTO

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tengxunjunshi· 2017-04-03 08:07:20

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[global network reporter Li Deyi reported] Korea National Technical Standards Institute of Ministry of Commerce said in April 2nd, the South Korean delegation to the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the Chinese side for "Sade" in Han Han enterprises protectionist measures appeal. South Korea

Technology Standards Institute said that in March 28th -30 local time held on 2017 for the first time the WTO technical barriers to trade (TBT) agreement committee meeting, South Korea has brought 6 special trade concerns (STC). Yonhap said, of which 3 were China related matters of concern, including the Korean enterprises of medical device product registration fees are not fair, not for medical certification, Korean enterprises received international certificate registration of infant milk powder products.

Korean media said the South Korean government plans to hold the second meeting of the Committee held on June 13th -15, continue to seek an answer to the unresolved part.

times for the Korean media speculation "countermeasures", Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang March 31st asked: "I don't know if you heard clearly from which China official institutions, we take the counter measures? "Lu Kang at a regular press conference said:" I also see a Yonhap reported, yesterday reported that the South Korean cosmetics association issued 29 a statistics show that in January 2017 and February, South Korean cosmetics exports reached $270 million, an increase of 51.6% in February is an increase of 97.4%. For all these kinds of reports, which one should I believe? "

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Korean media: Korean government on China's anti Sade measures to appeal to...

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