South Korean Foreign Minister declared: the deployment should be completed as soon as possible"

Thad foreign minister said North Korea.

tengxunjunshi· 2017-04-03 08:07:22

data figure: thad in Han

[global network reported South Korean Foreign Minister Yin Bingshi] on the morning of 2 on MBC television current affairs program "on current affairs focus" that the "Sade" anti missile system in middle defense so, as soon as possible to complete the deployment. He also said that the new government must understand the current government decided to introduce Sade reason. Yin Bingshi said that South Korea and the United States are closely coordinating the deployment of matters.

asked if the next government is inevitable "Sade" settled, Yin Bing said, believe that the new government was established at the beginning will face a very difficult choice, but no matter which party is in power, must fully understand why the current government ", even in the face of China and South Korea" and not "still decided as soon as possible to deploy" sade".

Yonhap analysts believe that the Yin Yin in May 9th before the Republic of Korea to make the above statement can be seen as the government is speeding up the pace of Sade deployment. In addition, the possibility of North Korea for the sixth nuclear test, and gradually increase the issue, Yin Bingshi said that the South Korean government's stance on North Korea provocation unchanged. Once North Korea launched a new round of provocation, will swallow unbearable bitter fruit.

China's Ministry of foreign affairs has repeatedly on the deployment of Korea and the United States, South Korea, Sade said that the Chinese government has always been opposed to the United States in the region to build theater missile defense system. The deployment of the United States of America in the anti missile system, is part of the United States to strengthen its global anti missile system, but also related to peace and stability in Northeast asia. It is unfortunate that countries in the region have been involved in the process of breaking the regional strategic balance. China once again asked the parties concerned to address the legitimate security concerns of countries in the region, including China, but also from their own fundamental interests, to immediately stop the deployment process.

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