Behind the sudden stab knife to let the Russian anti Vietnam China shock?

Vietnam China back the South China Sea Fleet

zhangdianchengjunqing· 2016-05-03 23:48:42

< p > recently, according to Reuters, Vietnam has with the French Dassault on the purchase of at least 12 Rafale fighter preliminary negotiations, is expected to contract amounting to billions of dollars, Reuters reported, although the defense budgets of Southeast Asian countries in the region are quite nervous, after 5 years of calm after, they began to frequent the procurement. Prior to the Russian "business man" said that Vietnam had planned to buy a squadron of $90 million to $95 million price, a total of 12 aircraft of the Soviet -35 fighter. As an old customer of Russian weapons, Vietnam abandoned Su -35 fighter in turn procurement law, "wind" fighter what is it?

as Russian made weapons of traditional users, Vietnam is equipped with a large number of Russian made aircraft, including MiG - 21, Su-27, Su -30MKV. Vietnam to seek the purchase of 12 gust fighter aircraft can be said to be a supplement to the existing Russian Soviet -27/30 series aircraft. Currently, Vietnam has more than and 10 old version of the Su -27 fighter aircraft and more than 32 aircraft after the modernization of the Soviet Union -30MK2 fighter. In addition, the Vietnamese military began to receive order to Russia the third batch of 12 su-30mk2 fighter, which frame 2 has by An-124 transport arrived in Danang. Recent Vietnam in the South China Sea, the action is more and more frequent, the Vietnamese naval air force for the equipment of Rafale fighter also appears more urgent. Due to the "gust" can not only air combat and air strikes on the ground, also anti-ship attack, the Naval Air Force undoubtedly want to rely on the Rafale fighter powerful to ship attack force to suppress the South China Sea fleet.

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