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ITzhijia· 2017-04-03 13:19:51

in the American version of "know almost" Quora, recently there has been a question about China caused a warm response from users.

this question has only four words, "How safe is China? "China is not safe at all, but it is a long winded answer to the homegrown Chinese Internet users and many expats living in china. In addition to China's good security environment, like the point of praise, a lot of foreigners on the Chinese people, affectionate confession, but also very impressive.


photograph: a life in three years in North China Matthew Miner said:

I go to school in Chicago, living in a slum is not the place, but also to develop a good habit to raise vigilance at night the. If you feel that their neighborhood and what's wrong with feeling, we should immediately. My school will also drop out of the crime hot spots, but also often send e-mail to remind us of the new trend of crime. When I lived in Shijiazhuang for two years, and after a year in Beijing, I completely forgot about the habit of being in the United states. I go out in the evening no longer stare at the right and left to look for suspicious people, also do not have to worry about the next to a madman with a gun. China can provide us with no security environment.

" and a netizen Ramanath Iyer upright in summing up after all the wonderful experience of life China, directly in response to the end point:

I live in India, Singapore and the UK life before, my wife stayed in Holland, I feel the most comfortable life in China compared.

Bell, an African American Matthew, talked about the topic of gun control. He said:

in the United States, even a little friction in the road may make people drew in China indiscriminately, even the police are not guns, and China police to search what you will.

Matthew Bell is also very grateful to the Chinese people for their warm and friendly, said:

as a foreigner, I met in China too many strangers in good faith. For example, they will encourage children and you say hello in English, and even when you take a picture of A.

" another netizen Joseph Imbruglia even with official statistics evidence of my experience. He noted that the murder rate of

China in 2014 was as low as that of Switzerland, and that the rate of crime has decreased by 15% per year since then. I feel safer and more comfortable in China than in the United states.

so these Chinese people have long been accustomed to the security environment, in the eyes of foreigners in Europe and America is so precious. Sometimes we can not realize that in this chaotic world, we enjoy the peace in the motherland is so precious.

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