Visit Asia's largest arsenal: watch the whole process of gun


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since the invention of firearms in the west after the popular in the world, but also changed the pattern of the world. And if you ask how you made the gun, you may not know, today, we take a look at Asia's largest gun factory secret gun manufacturing. Philippines is a legitimate gun country in Metro Manila metropolitan area maligie Na has this one from the store to the development of Asia's largest gun factory ARMSCOR, here a month can produce more than 15 thousand kinds of guns, including type M1911 pistol production, ranking first in the world.

in order to let you know how the gun is made out of? This gun factory is also specially open manufacturing workshop, so that we can glimpse of firearms manufacturing process. Pictured ARMSCOR workshop corner.

first to make the gun gun manufacturing wax casting, and then dipped into the pool covered with a layer of ceramic membrane to dry, after repeated melting inside the wax. Figure for workers to copy the wax gun barrel, making guns ready to die.

second program is pulled out of the molds, poured into the high melting metal, a prototype was released. For the metal solution is poured into the clips.

also need to die after forging after grinding, finally produce guns gun parts, but also need to go through multi-channel inspection procedures, such as the composition and properties of materials to ensure the quality and safety of firearms, can be put into the market, otherwise unqualified guns are easily Caqiang fire. Pictured inspectors are checking out of the production of gun parts.

" finally by the familiar assembly process of workers by one of the other gun parts after the completion of the assembly, placement of laser engraving machine in printed trademark, will be accomplished.

" finally assembled before the factory there are four procedures is before firing test, shooting, shooting and inspection after inspection, final inspection, in ARMSCOR there is a shooting range, designed to fire detection newly produced guns. Pictured ARMSCOR shooting range.

has been finished in the end of the gun factory, there are labels on the label of the production model and performance of the gun. ARMSCOR guns are exported to more than and 60 countries around the world in six countries, of which the main product is the United States and the United States and the United States M1911 special forces most favorite firearms.

this gun factory out of the production of firearms, the monthly production of 1 million kinds of bullets. The picture shows the use of mold production inspection shell ARMSCOR.

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Visit Asia's largest arsenal: watch the whole process of gun

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