This $5 Australian Black technology allows you to free your hands

Dollars foreign countries Australia toys

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Chi Chi and AppSo (micro signal appsolution) is the same as the fan children's brand in (content_img_p). Chi Chi is focused on mining and providing personalized business platform for high-quality new necessities.

live well, stick to people.

if I meet in the life the most annoying thing is what, I will tell you that there are two keys:

1. home, locked in the door; when moving

2., unplug the various hooks in landlord watched, shovel the afternoon glue.

alone in the rental time, careful.

do not give hole nailing wall, hook traces to deal with clean?

afraid, plaything Zhi (micro signal coolbuy) found a

in the United States the whole network crazy black technology artifact

sold a solution to all your troubles

than your dog is sticky

"FIXATE" GEL PADS called the magic glue, developed by the Australian design team, it will put the hook spare none old.

raised on the KickStarter, just a short time more than 28.5 times the amount of the target.

it's nothing special, only one feature, that is, sticky id_imagebox_4.

is also very convenient to use, is a slight rejection. Mhmm immediately stick.

then you can hang anything.

careless and amnesia, put a FIXATE in front of the door. The key is stuck in and out.

is a mobile phone, girlfriend called again, see the video.


id= toy king strength evaluation, the following figure I hung up more than half an hour in id_imagebox_8 "class=". Still, it is a dynamic figure, you do not doubt.

beer bottle, nor is it anything. Sell drinks sister, you can start your performance.

and some of these, the hole to open a little, but too strong viscosity.

" off better than break up clean, composite like lightning

" at all, don't worry about the tear down after a wall will be sticky.

gently tear, leaving no trace. like those elementary school, there is no contact as if the evaporation of the students.


as long as the water is clean, so sticky.

wash, we are still good friends.

life so wonderful and convenient

" is the magic glue, your life will never be out of the ordinary.

cooking time, look at the iPad on the teaching video, cooking again.

plastic material, not afraid of high temperature exposure. Therefore, the car can be used as a mobile phone holder.

office time, always posted on the wall, see important information.

Gopro stick on the slide, you can show your own cool video for everyone to see.

urban legend: the office of the vanishing signature pen , announced the end of the =''>

data cable is properly accommodated.

chips, FIXATE is just a generation of products, now out of the two generation.

different shapes and colors to meet your requirements. Can also according to their own needs, free cutting.

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This $5 Australian Black technology allows you to free your hands

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