Show love graffiti occupied 4A class scenic arch are spared

Show affection class scenic spot arch lovers

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Qingming small holiday is a good time for people to relax and relax in the spring outing in," said class=. Luquan district is located in the area of the village of Shijiazhuang, because of its distance from the urban area is moderate, distinctive and attracted many tourists come to play. Small holiday period from us until the baoduzhai at the foot of the mountain scenic area, saw the road on both sides of the fence, trees and buildings, sculptures, along the cliff top, visitors often have to write all kinds of text. The content of the text is also varied, the most is to express feelings between the couple, as well as catharsis, there are sustenance miss, as well as pray for blessings, and some of the curse is bad.

map for the entrance to the scenic spot above a landscape stone, the couple wrote the loving oath of.

scenic staff said, south gate door two "zhenshanzhibao" stone lion, even the tongue was once the body of carbon pen full of graffiti. Carbon pen oil into the stone, it can not be wiped out, and later they hired the relevant experts, simply with a strong acid to the lion took off a layer of stone skin, it is considered to clean up the stone lions. But soon after, often will restore the original".

figure for the nation's largest peak door - South Gate, 13.9 meters high, width of 23 meters (id_imagebox_3). It will be one of three arches, a huge project in the country, of great momentum, the entrance building is extremely rare. But even if the door is so high, it's full of words.

" the most frustrating is the wall brick of scenic spots, some tourists with a knife and other hard objects to handwriting carved into the city wall brick, the graffiti is unable to deal with.

"in order to prevent this phenomenon of graffiti" tour ", scenic area has increased inspection efforts, and to prohibit the peripheral vendors graffiti graffiti pen, now a lot less scenic phenomenon.

in the block at the same time, the scenic area also took a sparse way. In the area of the matchmaker hall, they specially planted peach trees, while providing a special red tape for tourists, will wish and message written in red tape, then tied a couple of trees, and achieved good results.

" id_imagebox_7 for all kinds of graffiti in the scenic area of perview_img_p. Everyone appreciates the beauty, we need to jointly safeguard. Reduce the scenic spots of graffiti, is everyone's responsibility.

" id_imagebox_8 for all kinds of graffiti in the scenic area of perview_img_p. As a tourist, you don't Scribble graffiti in at the same time, should also be mutual supervision and persuasion.

for the picture of the brotherhood of graffiti in the scenic area of =''>

" id_imagebox_10 for the scenic spot curse graffiti in perview_img_p.

pictured in the scenic area of love vows graffiti in the =''>

experts say, reduce the scenic spots and graffiti phenomenon, not only to pay attention to the "blocking", but also pay attention to "shu". The so-called blocking is through education and guidance, and effectively improve the citizens' moral quality, the formation to scribble a shame for the social atmosphere. The so-called sparse, that is, by setting the wishing tree or graffiti wall, etc., make the best use of the opportunity to meet the wishes of some tourists to express feelings or travel souvenirs.

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Show love graffiti occupied 4A class scenic arch are spared

Show love graffiti occupied 4A class scenic arch are spared

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