Xiongxian Hebei state-owned land and rural homestead approval freeze"

Xiongxian land homestead Hebei

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4 1, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued a notice, decided to set up Hebei, new district. The district is still in the incubation, the Xiongxian real estate unpopular transactions for the local government to "freeze" cool too busy to attend to all, become helpless choice. April 2nd, the daily economic news exclusive report Xiongxian frozen real estate transactions, immediately stop all sales behavior.

in just two days after the April 4th, the daily economic news reporter found that Xiongxian freeze and more than real estate transactions, state-owned land and rural homestead has also been frozen.

as long as the new building is illegal construction

with the establishment of the New District of Xiongxian, real estate and land has become the focus of the relevant departments of the work.

4 4 am, Xiongxian Land Bureau official responsible for the daily economic news reporter, said the work of the Bureau of land is currently a focus of work, is the first line".

" on legal issues concern Xiongxian land transactions, Xiongxian Land Bureau official said on the "daily economic news" reporter, now all the land without approval, have been frozen for two years, including the homestead is not approved, as long as the new building is illegal construction.

Xiongxian Land Bureau official added that the aforementioned state-owned land belonging to the state-owned land freeze approval, and rural homestead in recent years has not been approved, it is taken into account, such as the formation of fear of chaos. In order to meet the new establishment, has done a lot of work in advance, can be said is related to the idea of A.

in addition, the Xiongxian Land Bureau official said, now the county has two slogans: first, the land freeze, stop all approvals; two is the household registration freeze. For household registration, the reporter is still further proof.

sometimes busy until 1 o'clock in the morning

on the one hand is frozen land, on the other hand, the market boom raging.

according to the relevant person in charge of Xiongxian Land Bureau, the news of the establishment of the new district was announced, we are very excited. About April 1st, 2, began to mobilize, the Council staff from morning to evening every day, sometimes busy until one or two in the morning.

Xiongxian Land Bureau official said that the Bureau leaders had nothing at noon in the afternoon, due to the intensity of work have a fever to 40 degrees, the county hospital emergency room did not check out the problems, now at a Beijing hospital, lying in bed, often called a settled job as saying.

shoulder heavy burden, determined not to be a problem, such a good thing, really can not neglect. Xiongxian Land Bureau official said, just a phone call, said the leadership is to deal with the illegal occupation of some rural areas of the incident.

for the case of illegal land in rural areas, the relevant person in charge of the Xiongxian Land Bureau said that the township has a small circle of property rights, but also the masses do not understand the situation. However, now basically to seal, in order to let the people knowing and understanding, is doing a lot of ideological work. Now the basic leadership in overtime, including the township leadership, law enforcement brigade, township cadres and leaders go to the front line of bag piece, one is to do a good job, two is good publicity.

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