The first horse in Dujiangyan

Dujiang Dam

souhupaobu· 2017-04-04 23:12:07

  style= "; as always wanted to participate in the marathon, unfortunately missed the registration time, fortunately in the WeChat public run inside to see such activities, have the opportunity to participate in the competition, first of all thank the running chance for me.

2017 in March 19th, with a slight drizzle, once a year Chengdu double left marathon in Dujiangyan start firing, 30 thousand entries, grand scale. I and high school students, but also a good brother Wang Dingkang, after more than 2 hours of the game, and ultimately successful completion of the semi marseille. The first time I participated in the first horse in his life out of 2 hours, 23 minutes and 19 seconds of good results. This is really a wonderful life experience, friend Wang Dingkang is going to arrive in Chengdu at the Sichuan University to pursue a master's degree, this marathon really gave him a perfect welcome gift, is I give a perfect full stop Chengdu career.

this is my first marathon, although there is no experience, but basically Gesanchaiwu has 5 km of training, so it should not be a problem. Look at the number cloth, is my motivation.

half distance is not very far, but it will not be easy to finish the race. I and two high school students arrived in Dujiangyan on the afternoon of March 18th, Wang Dingkang and I came to participate in the competition, high school friend Wang Yuhui is mainly responsible for logistical support. We came to lead the equipment at the entrance of the stadium dragon, he was struck by the majority of runners enthusiasm, we also experience the winners of the podium.

3 month 19 days, I get up at 7 in the morning of two, simple eat last night to prepare a good breakfast, chocolate pie and milk after the taxi arrived at the stadium, save packages, drink functional beverages, follow the crowd to start walking see, accompanied by bursts of rain, on both sides of Dujiangyan warm people, really good fun, a lot of people will cheer for you, applaud you, still holding a flower sister aunt uncle, lonely than peace practice, I want to say really feel running up more interesting, always love to watch football, the players want to the gas in the end there is no use of it, today himself into an athlete, I feel pretty good.


outside Dujiangyan pictures, niudao.

after the successful completion of the final, we write a brilliant color for their lives.

looked at the report card, the first time to participate in the game has been satisfied. I think next time I must get better, improve the pace, so they have time to enjoy the game, have a wonderful moment to stop, the next game will be more beautiful, everyone refueling Oh, in order to adhere to the dream.

life is like a marathon, there is no sweat, there is no final medal, even exhausted, but also to adhere to. Keep running, and I I can makeprogress, come

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The first horse in Dujiangyan

The first horse in Dujiangyan

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