Third hand money should stretch out to where?


TalentGuide· 2017-04-04 23:20:04

people focus on a job should be in a period of time, or can be more development? This is an older generation never thought, do not feel is problem.

); we can not extend the length of life, but it can broaden the width of life.

we often find our hands were stained with nowness, hand in hand in life, work, day in and day out seemed endless. The depiction of the future - the work of not working, crossing the boundaries of cooperation... Like a mirage.

but that you lack the third hand - free hand, into the future," this hand is a mental tool by many about the collective create, open thinking knowledge and practice.

(this Thursday March 30th) eight pm," TalentGuide said Master "invited to a free occupation Master Cai Wenchuan to" TalentGuide The post to share his "broadcast" third hand "-

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