You said that the country has won my girlfriend

Girlfriend country foot

TalentGuide· 2017-04-04 23:20:21

love a person is what taste?

unwilling to lose, and not have, mouth always said to give up, move is betrayed by heart.

sometimes when you think everything is of no avail, she suddenly appear, as the door had lights, soothe your gloomy heart, also opened your heart.

but sometimes, when you feel like a winner, once again was a cold water douse assault horn, you desperately chasing you, but you can't touch her clothes.

you say: love a person is like watching the state of.

like last night in Tehran, although the failure, but glorious defeat, the ending of 0:1 cannot cover the country foot fighting passion, a fighting, a defense, a time back, although the strength of the gap, but the effort is priceless!

>) win a crazy, lost to carry on together in!

you said: I will not give up

, then the question is "

goddess or to pursue the "margin:

really loved???

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You said that the country has won my girlfriend

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