What are some of the software that you can use to improve productivity?


TalentGuide· 2017-04-04 23:20:43

read yesterday the new magazine article " admit, Time management of low energy is our flawed ", a view presented above:

"Chinese" business "is limited, not to the rest of the rest of the time, when the tension is not tight; needs to improve the efficiency of fast express a meaning, Chinese to equivocate squeezed out; need to spend time cultivating industry, Chinese must ponder Those details."

had to admit that most of the people for the time control, is relatively weak, as the following situation often occurs in our work:"

  • open WeChat and colleagues and customers docking work, or to talk about cooperation, waiting for the time slot each other back in random points on the circle of friends, and in an hour without time what is the..

  • to start a new day of work before the column a to-do list, the time is divided into A piece of tofu, but the new task is always sudden to interrupt you, disturb you, neat bean curd broken into "tofu".....

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  • after work to a computer, the card punch head into life after work, there is a transition, resulting in second day to not exactly what the day before work... "Margin-right: 1em; margin-left:..

  • on the time management of low and no sense often result in low efficiency, high efficiency, self-discipline around me and some work and life, arranged in good order friends, found that they did not in fact hide what big move, just stick to, and put a lot of useful gadgets function to the extreme. for" wonderful list APP "marking an important task with whenever and wherever possible," impression of tailoring "collection and storage of effective content, with" hammer notes "recording transient inspiration...... you see, highly effective people are always good at mining use tool.

    we have Amway some of the articles, to share the life and work of the 24 hours of work into everything in good order and well arranged, the trick of 48 hours:

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