It's probably the best PB in the country and the broken 3 track


souhupaobu· 2017-04-05 00:22:34

2017 Wuxi marathon in March 19th, 30 thousand people in the rain at end point. The sun rain, extreme weather the most troublesome two runners, Yasuma contestants got a. It's not easy for them to take the lead and stick to it. State of the poor performance of the explosion? However not. Feel error data do not lie, according to official data released Yasuma days before the horse race, the rate is as high as 94.93%, it is important that the 5346 PB (personal best), accounting for the total number of 1/3 in malaysia.

this is what kind of track? PB's running friends can pretend to be in Berlin. As we all know, one of the world's six major marathon marathon in Berlin is the easiest to score, the current 2 hours, 2 minutes and 57 seconds of the men's marathon world record from the Berlin circuit, the previous record is also from the. The only difference is that this is the Yasuma rain war, starting all automatically upgraded to the HARD model, such a result is hard to. So there is a "run if there is a time machine, I also want to go back to the cima. In the fight, so embarrassed, but got an unexpected answer: I PB!" Such emotion.

1/3 all horse players are PB, really, there will be a PB division of the three". CIMA also gives official PB evaluation standard, ruled out of the tournament as the life of the first horse race, because these people have no available on the site in China athletics Malaysia achievement, is the real "is the debut peak", is not included in the statistics. And was identified PB players, to before the next event in track and field certification PB, red PB in this standard are with CIMA scores behind.

then Yasuma the rain on the high level of the runners have no effect, or take the data speak: this year's total of 3 hours into the horse horse tin (shot scores) mark of 258 people, of which 235 players from Chinese. These two figures are the highest in the national marathon.

imagine if there is no rain, these two data is not higher? There is no need for further discussion. Worth learning is the initiatives in the event of Yasuma complete enough to dilute the adverse effects of the rain. For example, at the press conference to prevent running as well as the partition start program.

is the starting partition operator run event sink Yasuma patent partition according to different projects and people, avoid hair gun gruel. Cross Station players did not score, because the timing blanket does not recognize. This will be able to start at the start of all the players try to save the time to start queuing consumption, take their first step in PB.

Yasuma at the press conference on success statement, players can also "go back", a full refund within the stipulated time, but not in the ballot players waiting to win the chance. On the one hand to avoid the success of the players go transfer of non official channels, on the other hand, also let the " " more official the opportunity to realize their dreams, so as to reduce or even eliminate the 10 km level runners to the first horse, buy a number into 330 pace square in the rhythm of the phenomenon of starting to influence others.

can be said so many runners and PB break 3, thanks to the organizing committee to arrange Yasuma behind. PB and want to break the 3 runners next year, try yasuma. Perhaps, next year does not rain with the final sprint straight road (mother no longer afraid I do not know the corner)...... Too beautiful to see!

domestic marathon in the dividend policy after the rain spring out, perhaps in the future to the two grade, serious professional and Carnival type. No matter which direction, the event is not an easy thing to do word of mouth, to rely on the organizing committee's exploration and research. CIMA "love brains" behind a group of workers will bring innovative humanization professional what the next year, wait and see.

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It's probably the best PB in the country and the broken 3 track

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