Strength training will help you run faster?

strength training

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small countless times to listen to the coach said:" you Ma marathon so slow, mainly because the core strength is too poor. So Xiaobian began to practice crazy core. The small vest out of line, running results didn't long, why is it?

1, strength training will run more. The faster?

recently, sports research institutions in the United States have conducted a series of experiments, in order to demonstrate the long-term strength training on the economic aspects of running and running initiative has no influence, they found a group of high level female athletes do. In a series of experiments.

results greatly surprise to everyone: after high strength leg strength training for 11 weeks, the female athletes running almost without any change! Specific performance in terms of value, that is, 40min to run the longest distance does not change.

researchers believe that running runners mainly depends on the maximal oxygen uptake (VO2Max) size, and economic running. The strength training on VO2max is neither positive nor negative effects, although the strength training seems to have a certain role in promoting economic running, but not any research or literature can prove it.

in running and high intensity strength training for runners is no promoting effect.

2, then what is the use of strength training? Running injuries can be prevented!

strength training on the run speed is not directly linked, so why would we do strength training? What is the role of strength training!

answer is: strength training can effectively prevent the risk of running a sports injury in. Because strength training can effectively increase the strength and stability of our lower limb muscles, tendons, ligaments, and this is very important for damage prevention.

Bigger rehabilitation division introduced several causes of injuries, among which is the lack of strength, strength is not balanced, coordinated and balanced the bad why, these are can be improved by training.

the muscle strength imbalance is the most common cause of injury, if we left on both sides of the body muscle imbalance, doing the same exercise when

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