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producer by Guan Yadi, a new documentary (Beijing) media investment company, Beijing has a lot of guts culture media Limited, Beijing TV Documentary Channel "Ya Di run world" second season, will be in April 3, 2017 to return to the Beijing Documentary Channel, has now been confirmed broadcast date, a week from Monday to Friday at 8 pm, broadcast every day in. At the same time, the entire network of video platforms, every Monday, two nights 9 points, every night to update a set.

"Ya Di run world" the first season in early October 2015 in Beijing Documentary Channel launch, at the time, the development of domestic marathon is to be in full swing, and cross-country charm but not for more people to understand, it was positioned as a "reality running around the exploration of the documentary. The theme in the field more and more difficult cross-country race. In this documentary just released, immediately running circle caused great repercussions, it is used for cross-country running to give humanity, explore the spirit of the way, to the public on the cross-country running.

, however, when you see this documentary, may be the first reaction is "who are Ya di?" "Why is he running the world?" Although everyone in the off-road laps to know who he is, but the nickname "off" the runner is not known to the public, so it is necessary to introduce the "people" who are close Yadi!  

Yadi is not only a runner, he and other filmmakers, host identity. Because of the special chat, but also to run, friends joked that he is the most able to run the film, the most able to chat runner, which he also accepted.

Yadi was born in Qingdao, the seaside youth, toss is nature. Swimming, running and football with his young life, and his spirit world, but the video recording hall crackling film fill. He eventually admitted to the Beijing Film Academy, after graduating from graduate school to become a film producer.

in the more than and 10 years of filmmakers work, close Yadi has involved in the production, promotion and publication "west wind", "Gold Panda", "border situation" and many other movie theaters. High intensity of work also let the early love of sports and training of the body began to rust, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease have been found, it reminded him to start again. Because of his father's sake, he had the habit of running in childhood, then start running! From then on, it will get out of hand, the faster the faster, the farther away!

2014, Yadi off alone launched UTWT global super horse Tour Grand Slam plan, plan a few games around the world UTWT series completed in the next few years, because of his love trailrunning feeling, it reminded him of when running on the beach feeling free.

is closed at this time, Yadi with "Ya Di run world" idea, and put it into practice, October 2015, "Ya Di run world" the first season in Beijing documentary channel. In the first season, Guan Yadi visited Japan Mt Fuji, Italy Cortina, French reunion and Spain in the Canary Islands, participated in the four UTWT games. Remove these records over the top cross-country horse, "Ya Di run world" the first season as well as culture, delicacy and beauty and other elements, the French blue coast of nice, Italy love the city of Verona, the world film plants in Prague and the German town of Bayreuth and the German city of Bamberg.  

Yadi will take off now, "Ya Di run world" second season, in late April 3rd 8 landed in Beijing Documentary Channel, so he took his shooting team in the second season, what have you done?

Yadi at a time when micro-blog in their own race, people have asked "where the game in the bottom of the message?" "Did you bring the photography team?" Such problems, understanding Yadi people know, "always on the road, always at work" is the state of his life, just like in the ascent of Blanc peak, he also did not forget to shout "must see" Ya Di run world "second season!"

in the process of making "Ya Di run world" in the second season, he had lost contact with the crew team, La Palma struggling alone in the dark night, in the Himalaya mountains on foot ten days, in the most difficult race in the sky almost broke a rib,

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