Die again! Baidu sued for hospital bidding

Baidu hospital PPC rhinitis

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" as a 27 year old rhinitis patients after death, the hospital and PPC service Baidu Inc for the hospital, the families of patients being sued.

patients with Zhang Rui's fiance Yang Hu (a pseudonym) said in an interview, Zhang Rui is looking for medical information through the Baidu search keywords Urumqi hospital rhinitis ", and chose the Edward hospital in Urumqi ranked first in the search results (hereinafter referred to as the" Edward hospital ") treatment. Zhang Rui underwent surgery after abnormal mood, psychological disorders, with psychotic symptoms, and ultimately fall dead. One of the families of the judicial review commissioned by the Commission showed that the behavior of medical negligence and the consequences of the death of patients with indirect causal relationship.

Baidu medical bidding ranking has been controversial for a long time, but the Baidu Inc is therefore the case of public prosecution is extremely rare. China Youth Daily · youth online reporter was informed that the Zhang Rui family claims a total of 674 thousand yuan, in March this year, Baidu has received the court sent the complaint, responding to the notice, the notice of proof and summons. Zhang Rui's attorney, said the parents, at present, Baidu has jurisdiction to the court objections.

reporter March 31st morning contact Baidu PR staff to understand the relevant information, as of press time has not been answered.

was performed on the day of surgery

2016 August 27th, Zhang Rui first entered the hospital of Edward. Outpatient medical records show, "Zhang Rui complained of nasal congestion, runny nose for several years, the doctor's diagnosis, Zhang Rui suffered from allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal septum, hypertrophic rhinitis. Dr.

performed an operation on Zhang Rui that day. Record of single record of surgery, 1:30 to 2:50, the doctor for Zhang Rui carried out bilateral anterior ethmoid nerve block, nasal septum correction, inferior turbinate ablation. The same day, Zhang Rui paid a total of more than 4000 yuan to the hospital.

Yang Hu told the China Youth Daily reporter Zhang Rui · the younger, ever catch a cold, stuffy nose, runny nose, not how to treat, but the wedding is approaching, she hopes before cure, then Baidu found Edward hospital. Yang Hu later apply for notarization showed that when Baidu input "Urumqi rhinitis hospital", "the first Edward hospital in Urumqi" in search results, the lower right corner marked "advertisement".

"ordinary people always feel that the top ranked must be a good hospital. Yang Hu recalled, in the hospital after surgery, Zhang Rui nasal pain, almost 3 consecutive days without sleep, and later did not sleep more than two hours. Yang Hu said, September 3rd, Zhang Rui nasal bleeding, rushed to the hospital, then she also appeared to fear, talk rubbish and other symptoms, often dreamed of nose bleeding, "wake up trembling, poor spirit".

they began to negotiate with the hospital, a hospital and the staff of the dialogue recording shows, Zhang Rui has repeatedly said his mental state is not good, does not work, ask the hospital to buy my own house, the return of 2 million yuan into the hospital error account, also said "I really can Dutch act".

staff is advised her to relax, divert attention, if the feeling is not reasonable, you can negotiate with the hospital returned to surgery.

: "she was a bit out of shape. Yang Hu told reporters, Zhang Rui did not give the hospital account hit 2 million yuan, after the beginning of negotiations with the hospital, she always felt that someone in the monitor, she also worried about the work of a friend in the hospital was implicated. The second half of the

operation, in September 13th, Yang Hu took Zhang Ruilai to Urumqi Fourth People's hospital to check the mental state. The results showed that Zhang Rui's emotional control ability was weak, and the cerebral cortex was inhibited, fatigue, mental disorder, accompanied by psychotic symptoms.

family members believe that the hospital, Baidu jointly caused the death of the patient to the Fourth People's Hospital of Urumqi on the same day, Zhang Rui to his father in the field wide Zhang (a pseudonym) made a phone call. Zhang Kuo recalls her daughter on the phone said "poison", he advised his daughter not to think, let Yang Hu take her out.

second days, the young tiger with Zhang Rui go out to play, Yang Hu said, Zhang Rui that day also said to him, "don't go out, feel someone is following".

accident occurred on the next day after the return of play. September 15, 2016, Yang Hu to friends home to take medical records, Zhang Rui alone at home. Yang yang to take the medical record to go home and found a man surrounded by downstairs". Police scene investigation and forensic examination results show that Zhang Rui Department of high fall death.

then, Zhang Rui's parents sued Edward hospital, Beijing Baidu Netcom Science Technology Co., Ltd to the Urumqi city Shuimogou District People's court, claims 525 thousand yuan of death compensation and funeral expenses 30 thousand yuan, 4691 yuan for medical expenses, totaling 674 thousand yuan. Hospital and Baidu Inc in March this year, the court has received a complaint, the notice of appeal, the notice of proof and summons.

Zhang Rui family attorney, Beijing Huatai (Urumqi) lawyer Li said, Baidu has put forward the objection to jurisdiction.

Zhang Rui's parents believed in the complaint, the patient in the treatment process, due to the problem of Edward hospital diagnosis is not standardized, mistake of the surgery on Zhang Rui, causing pain, insomnia, depression, empty nose syndrome and other symptoms, and in postoperative discomfort symptoms after failing to take remedial measures finally, by Zhang Rui falls dead.

they also believe that her daughter to the hospital for treatment, the Department of the hospital in Baidu

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