Success draws attention! Girls play: my husband

Wang Sicong Xu Jinglei new film husband

weilaiwangyule· 2017-04-05 16:47:51

" recently, with Xu Jinglei's latest film and Stanley Huang came to Beijing Normal University, and shadow students'feelings exchange views. However, the biggest surprise was full of watching films together, peaked cap covered his face and classmates Wang Sicong. After the show, Wang Sicong said: "although the lines in the crowd some shocking, but action is the first Xu, is still very good. "Finally, don't forget to be naughty:" your boyfriend is very good! "The kidnappers" is Xu Jinglei's first action film, but also the third cooperation between Stanley Huang and the. For the first time directed action, Xu Jinglei said modestly the film has many deficiencies, facing the students' questions live, she said frankly, the film was very late in the process of their own confusion, but overall weakness is apparent, the advantages are obvious, I hope the audience can support to the cinema.

" Xu Jinglei and Stanley Huang "Du Lala" since wipe out the fire has been very low-key. In addition to work, the two rarely show affection in public. Asked Stanley Huang and this cooperation is not the same spark? Xu Tucao said: "she said this stupid every day, the stupid. One day I said, in the past is not so ah, we are too familiar, you can do this! He said no, ah, before love movies do not know what you girls think, and now is not the same, action movies he looked more. "Xu explained, the side of Mr. Huang whispered should be a sentence:" tell her about!

site Xu Jinglei asked everyone to play good or bad for Wang Sicong? Everybody says bad guys. Suddenly a girl shouted: play my husband!

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