She is a generation of star originator, but because her husband forced suicide

Originator husband life feminist

koudaidianying· 2017-04-05 16:47:52

has filed porn movie is not around the past

that is the 1972 release of "deep throat"

" in the film although

has created a crudely made American porn movie precedent

just 17 days of filming for $600 million

" even though the film due to large scale of suffering from the controversial

but it has helped popularize a generation of star

Linda · class= ravna lace

a, she shines

in the brewing of liberation on stage.

's "deep throat" sensation Linda

· has pulled ribbon to the audience; horizon in

"in the movie" love lace, one of the Hollywood four small artistes Amanda Seyfried played polo · Linda was originally a

lace ordinary girl

formerly known as Linda · Portman

was born in Florida,

parents are very conservative Catholic education is also very harsh on her

" in her ordinary fate when chuck is changed when

< It is p> chuck's husband and manager

in the distress of life when

chuck persuaded Linda to play porn

" from the mother's education to obey her husband Linda

also grudgingly agreed

" by Linda

does not meet the girl next door looks like a porn star standard

but sleek smart chuck convinced she was renamed Linda director


film hot Linda fame she became

the famous dandy complex The cover girl

her autobiography also became the best-selling book "

" that part of her life experience on the surface of

appears to be an American girl star dream

but it is hidden behind the unknown story "

" claiming to be domestic violence, because her husband forced to shoot porn

Linda's story is far from the surface so beautiful

after her in the Autobiography of

showing her career is full of blood and tears "

chuck is a very violent people

in recognition of Linda Before

, he is a tavern owner

two after drug abuse, gambling

chuck still living in poverty, he regarded Linda as a meal ticket

even forced her into prostitution to make money to feed themselves

" as long as Linda slightly disobeyhis I


beatings Linda who always scarred

always live in fear of

< /p> shooting porn is not her husband but was forced to voluntary

she said chuck even with a gun to his head "

movie fee are also in the hands of chuck

he complete control of Linda

" multi-faceted life lies, feminist

Linda in his autobiography "torture" in

to accuse her husband chuck about their abuse of

in two people's marriage to the end

all her fault to chuck him all

" when the feminist advocate

will also be her tragic experience as a typical

when she was interviewed for

are abused women with her rebelled against the toxicity of

to stop porn "on the female img_box" id= "id_imagebox_19" =''>


Linda from a popular porn originator

a feminist

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She is a generation of star originator, but because her husband forced suicide

She is a generation of star originator, but because her husband forced suicide

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