36% a year, the price of solid state hard disk is out of control

Inflation price solid state on the verge of

zhongguancunzaixian· 2017-04-06 06:55:29

recently, according to market intelligence analysis firm TRENDFOCUS in the latest blog post revealed that in the past four quarters, the price of solid state drives has risen by 36%. The main reason is that PC and smart phones and other digital products on the rapid increase in demand for storage, resulting in a serious imbalance in the supply of flash memory chip.

TRENDFOCUS warning that the price rise trend of storage devices will run through the 2017 year, is expected to early 2018 will be slowed down. Affected by this,

will also be equipped with solid state computer prices will rise, hindering the integration of solid-state hard disk replacement of mechanical hard disk.

at the same time, TRENDFOCUS also said that based on the traditional SATA program, the price gap between the solid state disk and the better performance of the PCIe solid state is expanding, the latter's price increases faster than the former.

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36% a year, the price of solid state hard disk is out of control

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