Korean media: Chinese tourists do not lack of tourists in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia Jeju China route

xinlangjunshi· 2017-04-06 10:56:55

map: "Sade"

[global network reporter Li Xiaofei reported] Korean "Korean national news" reported in April 6th, Chinese taken to counter "Sade" into Korean measures led to visit Jeju Island Chinese tourists substantially reduced, but in Southeast Asia tourists are Chinese tourists fill vacancies.

Jeju road and Jeju tourism 5, said it was increasing the route of Taiwan. Jeju road that, in order to re open the direct route as an opportunity to visit the Jeju Island tourists will increase in Taiwan.

at the same time, May 5th -6 month 14, Philippines, the country's top six travel agencies will participate in the opening of the weekly two round-trip flights from Jeju Island - Manila direct charter flights. It is expected that there will be more than 3000 Philippines tourists to Jeju Island. In addition, Jeju road is also promoting the opening of direct flights connecting Jeju Island and Malaysia,

. Jeju tourism bureau director Li Chengcan (sound) said, in the Southeast Asian region through the tourism fair and media publicity and other methods to promote Jeju Island tourism resources and visa free advantages, promote the diversification of tourism market.

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