The glory of the king of glory sing hi Joe three version of "the actor" beauty to turn the audience

Three the king of glory

youxiputao· 2017-04-06 10:57:30

2017 king of glory KPL spring game is like a raging fire, in last week's game, we do not know whether you have noticed, the beauty of Xiao Qian tiger live commentary, her clear logic and professional commentary, gave us a deep impression.

" originally, in addition to KPL commentary, Xiao Qian is a soul singer, while her KPL start, specially for everyone to sing a version of the glory of the king "actor", lyrics vivid humorous and vivid, look after really admire Xiao Qian did not laugh!

" do not know if you still remember, not long ago, tiger king of glory live three beauties Cospaly contest, Xiao Qian conquered the users with the strength of the heart, with cos Joe entered the contest before the top three, this wave of beautiful photos out after Indoorsman have to sit still, call! In the game, Joe is a very strong team support hero, releasing and transmitting skills appropriate can be on line in the injured players back to spring water to heal, strokes can be transmitted through in the open group, the first time sent to the battlefield in the team.

Xiao Qian Yan value is high, the glory of the king level is not bad, the strongest king is second to none in the female explanation, before the new version is not updated, Xiao Qian Bo said "do not know why so stubborn, to the king to sleep, to match teammate on the hook, cut three times, the last four hit five won to the king," our sister Xiao Qian was God pit!

KPL" has been the end of the two week journey, live in the two weeks Huya brings countless prizes as well as the strength of the commentary anchor, soul song Ji, Xiaoqian national service first, and the strength of the handsome Li Bai Li nine! Patterns can be described as endless! KPL third weeks of the tournament is about to start, this week, the team will have what subversive performances, we look forward to! In the tense competition, not to live Huya relax the mood, to experience a different kind of style live commentary!

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