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was unveiled in Tokyo last year, the exhibition game developed by DMM "red hat legend" (Egglia~ complete coding of Chi Hai, said ~) is now officially open before landing, it is reported that this will be a continuation of the style of "the legend of Mana", the home construction and develop the main role of RPG games.

and the core members of the game research and development team can be traced back to the SFC era, "the legend of the holy sword". In the PS version of "Excalibur: The Legend of mana" after the end of development, the team using the theory of "substandard" reason in SQUARE resigned, joined the "sword" series producer Roka Shinichi for the establishment of the new company BrownieBrown. After leaving SQUARE, Brownie switch to Nintendo camp, the first piece of magic holiday good response, since then has served as the Mario Series in the development of 3DS platform. In 2013, the company changed its name to 1-UPSGames.

2013, from the Nintendo venture again from the position of chairman of the outgoing Kameoka, established Mobile Games company BrowniesGames. "Red Riding Hood" (Egglia) is the company following the "FantasyLife" and "ShootingHero" after the third works. On the aspect of the game, and the game player will lead Robin to explore the world in the chapel and deserted the collection of different material construction, apart from outside the house, will also join the construction of village villagers looking for similar more complex construction system.

" game core gameplay is not the traditional RPG combat and develop, but the Japanese Mobile Games can hardly be found in the "home building" system, the world will be exploring the game player chair, wallpaper, wall hanging, home appliances category Home Furnishing furnishings after collection, placed in the room. In addition, the game's social play should also be around home building system design.

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