Twitch formally launched the game store, users can buy games from the live page

Twitch store page user

weifengwang· 2017-04-06 15:39:40

according to Gamasutra reports, Twitch announced the official launch of the game store features, from now on, all Twitch users can buy games from the live page.

" on Twitch in February 28th had revealed the news, the king grape also carried a report. After the Twitch access to the service in the live room, the signing of the anchor will get 5% of the proceeds from the live game, and the game development team will receive a return of 70%. From the Twitch broadcast platform to buy the game game player will receive Twitch platform bonus items "Twitch box" at the same time, game player can from the box open face, medal, and usually need to recharge only some Bits.

Twitch early in the game lineup, including on-line has been "fire", "wilderness", "Ghost Recon: broken era", "glory spirit" etc..

[article source: Gamasutra, game grape compilation finishing]

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