The restaurant is guaranteed? Alipay's reputation as the "eat" plan to push the restaurant

Plan Alipay restaurant reputation

weifengwang· 2017-04-06 16:54:47

recently launched Alipay's reputation as the restaurant consumer protection plan: eat at ease, when consumers join the security plan for businesses when dining, both in eating was "unexpected", such as burns, falls, or feel what unwell at the end of the meal, you can one click on Alipay claims". If the information is complete, the fastest can be received within three hours of claims.

" said the consumer protection plan "eat" is underwritten by Chinese life insurance company, insurance by the addition of the plan's businesses pay, businesses must have a complete plan to join the catering shop qualifications, but also need to voluntary third party insurance institutions for their health, health practitioners, and other aspects of the food inspection.

"eat" consumer protection plan of the claims process much faster than traditional way, when the problems, consumers only need to find the store on Alipay reputation through the mobile phone, enter the "eat" click "claim", then the consumer record screenshots of medical costs, photos and other information submitted to the relevant documents the insurance company will start, fast claims channel, sent follow-up, if the information is complete, consumers will receive compensation in three hours. The whole process eliminates the need for traditional rights forensics, accountability, communication and coordination with businesses, and so on. It is reported that the plan after the launch of

, has a new white deer, Xibei village and other well-known businesses to join, there are many businesses are also joining the program, businesses will join on "Paul" sign, and there will be "eat" plaque.

" in fact such insurance is not the first time, earlier for delivery had "delivery insurance", when hungry, the United States and other groups have launched relevant food safety Internet insurance business, and the opening of fast channel claims. The pattern and the reputation of Alipay launched the "eat" almost, once the food safety problem, consumers can directly through the online submission of a medical certificate and other related materials for claims.

" for the "food safety insurance business", some netizens think is only a means of business promotion, because food safety is an issue of concern to everyone, the security will undoubtedly attract more customers to the consumer. If you really eat a bad stomach, you also need to prove the diagnosis of the hospital, other proofs are invalid. So the hospital is how to determine this food is caused by? It is difficult for us to come here to eat, but also to keep the rest of the food card, and so on the stomach and then lost? Take away the more, usually eat on the lost, the pressure will not leave any evidence.

Alipay reputation of the launch of the "eat" although the plan is good, but there is a great guarantee for food safety or not, after all the business itself, if businesses in health, food, practitioners and other aspects of good points, so the other problems will not exist, you say is not it?

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