Friends say his hometown in a few years there is no home

Net friend hometown only

hefeiwanbao_wufang· 2017-04-06 18:05:10

ZAKER yesterday, Hefei launched the "Qingming return, desolate house edge filled with children missing" article, focusing on the present rural. The article said that walking the countryside, to see those who climb the Ivy house, see a dilapidated dilapidated house, feel a trace of bleak. Cause users homesick complex, drying out their own home photos. Some netizens said, only a few years ago, there is no homeland. The picture shows the friends of the other shore, said his home, the house is still living.

" it is reported that, in the current rural areas forced marriage, as well as to the city life and other reasons, more and more people began to leave their homeland. The rapid urbanization of today, when we are 10 years, 20 years after the return to hometown, is hard to find the memory of the home. Pictured a netizen drying out his hometown photos.

" Jiangxi Nanchang netizen "dog" posted photos of the home, said the village will disappear content_img_p.

"juepin users and small A" posted their own home photos.

"or" Sun home users, said "my first choice is in their own homes built houses, people do not understand is not nostalgia. "

" Shandong Weifang netizen "smell the flowers" in their home.

users "yellow R" posted their home, the house has collapsed in.

" Guangdong Chaozhou netizen "Wu to their" posted their school had already dilapidated.

" Hunan Hengyang netizen "a different name" said "my home, little old house. "

Hubei Wuhan netizen" Zibu Beijing "said home culvert looks like, and when the difference is far better.

"Li Xunhuan" netizens posted their own home, a building.

users "stone Feng" posted their own home pictures in class=.

"Huaibei Anhui class= users" bald strong "posted a photo of his home perview_img_p.

" Anhui Suzhou netizen "close your eyes and listen to the voice of the world" said "we build houses, this is not out of date, very popular. "


class= users".. "Said," my hometown like … … "

users" declare "drying out the photo of his hometown and said," no matter what time is not a strange place. "

Hefei netizen" My Firend "said, the house of the home for many years can not live, and soon fell down in! More exciting story, please pay attention to "B figure" WeChat public number (yi_photos), welcome message.

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