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recently, "the name of the people" hot, and in this play Yalin Gao not only performed well, he was the producer and producer of the show. Many netizens exclaimed Liu Xing's father was so powerful, actually behind the big boss. And Yalin Gao has been very proud to say that this will be one of the most proud of their lives. "

Yalin Gao

transformation China behind the scenes for the film and television industry brewing vitality

from as early as 2000 first appeared in the TV series" two "later heroes in a troubled time, directed by" chuishiban story ", and later the audience to him in" the home has played Xia Donghai in memory children ". As an actor, director and producer Yalin Gao with multiple identities, not only the interpretation of the cause on the good reputation, in the director's career successes, Karp won the 2007 French Film Festival award. In recent years, the transformation of Yalin Gao behind the scenes, the establishment of an investment in the whole industry chain of film and television culture company Jia Yi Wo, its business, including film and television production, production distribution, artists brokerage, drama performances and other services. For the new drama as producer, director and other roles for the Chinese film industry brewing vitality.

as the first product produced after the transition, the subject of the subject involved in the drama, before it is very small, many people actually do not know what prosecutors do. "The name of the people" to fill a few years ago, the realism of anti-corruption theme is scarce, as a boost for the domestic film market impetuous.

" good character and good good good works "courage

" is the name of the people of Eru and Yalin Gao's third collaboration, as director Eru talking to Yalin Gao said: as a screenwriter, director and actor who is versatile, Yalin Gao low-key modest, serious work, now became a producer, is also expected, because Yalin Gao was fully equipped with a producer should have the ability and quality. Yalin Gao in "the name of the people" at the beginning of the preparations, not investors dared to touch the sensitive subject case, is also out of the director Eru, screenwriter Zhou Meisen trust and the Supreme People's Procuratorate Film Center Tribute in the script did not have one eye under the condition of lack of funds for how to decide on the spot how much investment, and personally organized the work produced. Good works should not be for audience ages

Yalin Gao said they have reference to TV and other video works

Yalin Gao

conference, but did not think young people will love it. Yalin Gao admits: began to worry about 90 or more young people will not love, because there is no small meat. Before there was a drama of the same name, in the poly theater performances, but also did not expect young people like. This was verified in a word: a moth, as long as there is light, everyone will flock. Whether after 80, 90, good things are still the mainstream.

finally Yalin Gao said: "the name of the people" to thank all the actors. They don't have a discussion about how much less than what they have. Actors get together, is to discuss the script, how to say this line, how to play that drama, the atmosphere is particularly good.

see here, Xiao Bian could not help but say "families with children" the show is really amazing, not only Zhang Yishan, Yang Zi opened a new star transformation mode, even Yalin Gao also go behind the scenes, doing things full of sound and colour. A lot of netizens have lamented that this is not a family, but now, let us enjoy the name of the people!

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