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" appeared in the exercises in the new MIG -31BM aircraft

Russian MIG -31 and MIG -31BM interceptor participated in large-scale military exercises in the eastern military aviation. The Russian Defense Ministry announced the news agency, the pilots from the Kamchatka flight more than 2 thousand kilometers to reach the coastal border area of air force and air defense forces in the airport, Peter the Great Bay Area in the sea of Japan completed 30 times fighting off training. According to the Russian news agency published in April 3rd entitled "not the Pacific Ocean: in response to the United States military exercises in Russia dispatched interceptor" reported that "interceptor crew take turns at supersonic drill joint mission long-range interception" enemy "aircraft. During the flight, the pilot conducted a large angle tilt and pitch action, carried out air combat and rehearsed the day and night landings". MIG -31BM is capable of striking and intercepting not only enemy aircraft, but also any range of cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. These aircraft are the first line of defense of the Russian Far East air defense and anti missile defense, and the region following the footsteps of Europe, increasingly obvious characteristics of the theater. Russian military experts believe that Russian interceptor combat performance may be a showcase for China potential buyers "advertising behavior". Observers from the Chinese military are likely to attend the exercise. Chinese there is no good effect of long range interceptor.

" under the fuselage with long-range air-to-air missile for MIG MIG -31

-31 "Foxhound interceptor", China some older fans may not strange, because when the aircraft was indeed shocked the West and China. However, for a type come out 40 years of aircraft, the glory of the year have been peeled off, so in order to deal with the western new Russian strategic bombers and cruise missile threat, hoping to modernize the MIG -31, to deal with the approximation of the door containment. For example, in the Arctic, in the Far East, Russia is to improve the completion of the new MIG -31BM alignment of the main direction of attack, but also believe that this aircraft can take on this responsibility. MIG -31 is a very special aircraft whose mission is to intercept the aircraft and cruise missiles at remote borders. The United States can use a variety of means to deal with Russia from the direction of the Pacific, only the United States, other countries do not have the ability and intent. So there is no doubt that the Russian made MIG -31BM revitalized, of course is to defend the United States, the purpose is to make the machine out to 1200-2000 kilometers for front intercept mission.

strong volley is the biggest advantage of the MIG -31

so, what is the MIG -31BM interceptor avatar? This upgrade is mainly installed "S800AM barrier -AM" (also known as N007AM) electronic scanning phased array radar, the radar equipped with a -55-06 computer, and at the same time frame "installed three large LCD screen is also fitted with the data chain, and a new detection radar for high-altitude head-on large fighter distance is 240 km. With more processing power and perfect software, "-AM barrier" most radar can simultaneously track 24 aerial targets, and also guide the 6 radar guided air-to-air missile attack, these missiles including R-33, R-33S, R-37 or R-77-1. Through the upgrade, can put -31BM into a remote MIG interceptor interceptor more effectively, the over the horizon (BVR) combat capability has been greatly improved. Allegedly, the new airborne radar in 40 km distance below / under stable mode locked BGM-109 launched Tomahawk cruise missiles, can shoot down subsonic and supersonic stealth UAV, manned or even at a height of 25000 meters to 6 Maher flight of hypersonic vehicle.

B-52 X-51A hanging intercepting hypersonic missile is one of the main tasks in the future the MIG -31BM

according to Russian media reports, the Russian Far East exercises, in addition to the United States to show their defensive ability, another purpose is to show China battle this unique type of fighter. This seemed to be a signal that after purchasing the Su -35 fighter, originally we thought China won't purchase any products to the Russian fighter, but now Chinese experts visited the MIG -31BM interceptor exercises that Chinese produced a new interest in this type of old aircraft. Because according to the Russian Defense doctrine, Chinese does not have the ability to intercept in the border 1000 km distance, before China introduction and self-made -27 and -30 series such as Su Su, and f -11 and -10 series, all belong to the fighter. Although these models have excellent air combat capabilities, but in the interception of new bombers and cruise missiles, but not a strong point. So, the MIG -31BM interceptor in Russia after the upgrade, the application and the unique combat force is Chinese needed, especially in the current China southeast Sea dispute so intense when. The huge

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D30-F6M MIG -31BM engine thrust is likely in Russia, and began to strike
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