Why do not dare to break the Russian aircraft carrier?

United States Russia Putin aircraft carrier

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said to the world's first aircraft carrier, and dealing with the research methods of the national carrier sunk non former Soviet Union is facing the threat, the U.S. aircraft carrier, the former Soviet Union forced the related research of anti-ship missile onto the extreme, the earliest development in the world today, the fastest and most powerful performance the most advanced anti-ship missile, and inherited the traditional Soviet Russia in this has been true with anti-ship missile system is very complete! Perhaps this is the reason why the United States aircraft carriers dare not open to the coastal waters of russia!

third: anti aircraft carrier killer KH-32

KH-32 weighs 6 tons, has the characteristics of high altitude and high speed, after the launch and fly into 40 km above the stratosphere, avoid detection ground and air defense radar, arrived over the target area, with 4.4 of the speed of Maher directly dive attack, can effectively break through the enemy's air defense network, which has a range of 1000 kilometers, using inertial guidance and satellite guided combined guidance, the necessary time to search target, strong anti-interference ability!

KH-32 anti-ship missiles by -22M3 backfire bombers carrying a frame, capable of carrying 2 pieces, in wartime, Russia dispatched a bomber group, each cluster consists of 20 components can backfire, carrying at least 40 KH-32 anti-ship missiles, a single carrier. Group 1 is unable to withstand, enough to make the aircraft carrier out of battle, and the 2 pieces, the carrier can only feed the fish into the sea! The F-18 Hornet is simply unable to intercept!

second: SS - N - 19 "ship destroyed"

"anti-ship missile ship is destroyed and it also proved that NATO codename, NATO on the degree of fear, the SS-N-19 granite type of anti-ship missile is the third generation of Soviet anti-ship missile development the length of 9 meters, weighing 7 tons, a range of 500 km or more, the terminal velocity of 3.5 Maher, equipped with a high explosive warhead 750 kg, Oscar class cruise missile submarine," love "and" Kuznetsov class nuclear powered cruiser USS are equipped with the anti-ship missile.

of the missile is the biggest characteristic of dozens of missiles, one-time launch, a command bomb, can put the data information transmission to other low flying missiles in the upper position, once itself was shot down, there will be another missile launch command responsible for the continued into the enemy position, will spread out against, it can prevent repeated attack, and can attack the key position of carrier selection! The first

"zircon" hypersonic cruise missile

this is Russia's new generation hypersonic anti-ship cruise missiles, is currently being tested, the flight speed is reached 5 to 6 Maher, and prepare equipment in Russia the fifth generation of nuclear submarines and husky "Peter the great" nuclear powered cruiser, with a range of about 400 km, is expected to enter service in 2018, and even the preparation equipment in figure -160 strategic bombers on the white swan! Once the successful entry will be a serious threat to U.S. aircraft carriers!

" and Chinese although Eagle -83 anti-ship missile, but the performance may also with Russia a gap, this would explain why Chinese still imported Russian 200 Kh-59 series anti-ship missile, the China, facing the situation more aircraft carrier arrives critical, sticks his hand, the mind will not panic, it is necessary to research the anti-ship missile with a kick!

attention after get these wonderful content (historical News)

* 002 type aircraft carriers breakthrough accident exposure! A small flat shape. At the same time Chinese particularly conspicuous!

construction of a 4 aircraft carrier class ship, Russia admitted unable to catch up, the British experts point like this!

. Japan's fear of being stuck throat, wants to build a 40 thousand ton aircraft carrier against Liaoning No.

. It China annihilates the latest exposure of 20 core technology, the experts also admitted: far super class! After

was mistaken. Some countries choose, though much will punish, some countries only protest

long press the fingerprint and see how you will get what kind of "black"

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